NWA PowerrrSurge Card: Episode 2 (5/4/21) – Jennacide vs. Skye Blue

NWA PowerrrSurge Episode 2

It’s almost time for the second episode of NWA PowerrrSurge, spotlighting a special women’s match and catching up with a few of the National Wrestling Alliance’s stars. The match in question will be an interesting one, as both competitors debuted for the promotion this past March. In addition, viewers will see follow-ups to ongoing storylines on week-to-week programming. Without any further delay, let’s take a dive into the action set for this week’s must-see show.

Spotlight Match: Jennacide vs. Skye Blue

As stated earlier, Jennacide and Skye Blue debuted for the National Wrestling Alliance back in March. They teamed up on episode #23 of NWA Powerrr, facing Alex Gracia and Thunder Rosa in tag team action. This match would lack a decisive finish, as Kamille interfered, spearing Rosa. Jennacide showed no fear in the presence of Kamille, stepping up to her fellow powerhouse. Jennacide and Kamille would meet in singles action two weeks later, and despite a strong effort, Jennacide fell to the number one contender for the NWA World Women’s Championship. Meanwhile, Blue has been absent from NWA programming since then, continuing her independent work in locations including AAW and even appearing on AEW Dark.

On NWA PowerrrSurge, former partners will meet as Jennacide takes on Skye Blue. As stated earlier, Jennacide is a powerhouse wrestler, able to assert her authority over her opponents. The face-painted “Bionic Beast” will definitely be looking to pick up her first victory in the NWA, given that she has yet to score a win in the promotion. Meanwhile, Blue has been absent for a few months and it’s safe to say that she will be looking to get back on track. Compared to her opponent, Blue is more fast-paced, utilizing strikes such as her patented superkick to get the advantage. She is also an accomplished, being the current women’s titleholder for not only Chicago Style Wrestling but Pro Wrestling ZERO1 USA. This spotlight match is one that can go either way.

Other Events to Expect on NWA PowerrrSurge:

Nick Aldis Goes Head-to-Head With Joe Galli

Also set for episode #2 of NWA PowerrrSurge is a sit-down interview. Joe Galli will speak to Nick Aldis, the current reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, who has had his hands full as of late. In addition to his current recruiting process for Strictly Business, Aldis has been the target of Trevor Murdoch, the former NWA National Champion. Last week, on NWA Powerrr, Aldis laid out a challenge. Representing Aldis, the team of JR Kratos, Thom Latimer, and Chris Adonis would face Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Tim Storm in a six-man tag team match. If his team lost, Murdoch would be forced to go home for one month. Despite their best efforts, Murdoch’s team fell short. What will “The National Treasure” himself have to say? Tune into this week’s edition of PowerrrSurge to find out.

Thunder Rosa on Kamille and Her Future

The feud between Thunder Rosa and Kamille predates COVID-19. However, following the NWA’s recent revival, the rivalry in question didn’t take long to reignite. From their number one contender’s match at Back for the Attack in March, which Kamille won, to their recent physical altercations since then, it’s apparent that matters between these rivals have only intensified. On NWA PowerrrSurge, Thunder Rosa intends to speak about the blonde powerhouse of Strictly Business. Furthermore, “La Mera Mera” will shed light on her future in the promotion. Expect various updates from the former NWA World Women’s Champion on this show.

Trevor Murdoch: A One-On-One With May Valentine

As stated earlier, Trevor Murdoch is currently in the middle of a 30-day leave from the NWA. This doesn’t mean that he is persona non grata, however, as May Valentine will sit down with the former National Champion for a candid discussion. It’s safe to assume that Murdoch has plenty on his mind, given the string of bad luck he’s had since March. From losing his title to repeated beatdowns at the hands of Strictly Business to his recent exile, one must wonder what’s on his mind. Valentine intends to get to the bottom of matters as she speaks to Murdoch on this week’s NWA PowerrrSurge.

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