NWA Powerrr Card: Episode 26 (4/27/21) – JR Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro

NWA Powerrr 4/27/21

Last week’s edition of NWA Powerrr was an eventful one. Not only did the National Wrestling Alliance‘s cult hero in Sal Rinauro pick up a surprise win over the NWA World Tag Team Champions, but Kamille continued to exercise her authority, and once again, Trevor Murdoch found himself at odds with Strictly Business. What can viewers expect as they tune into FITE tonight at 6:05 PM EST? Let’s run down the action set for this week on NWA Powerrr.

JR Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro

Last week, the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Aron Stevens and JR Kratos, battled Sal Rinauro and a mystery partner. At first, it seemed like Rinauro had no one to team with, as he wrestled much of the match on his own. However, viewers were surprised when Tim Storm, who had become a commentator following the show’s revival, sided with Rinauro. Storm stood on the apron, landing a punch on Kratos. Rinauro took advantage of the assist from the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, rolling up Kratos for the surprise pinfall victory.

It would seem as though Rinauro has found a new tag team partner in the form of “Momma Storm’s Baby Boy,” and what a veteran to team with. As stated earlier, Storm is a former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, having held the title for 414 days. However, one must wonder about Storm’s ring rust, as he hasn’t wrestled a traditional match in the NWA since the company’s recent revival. Expect Storm to be in the corner of Rinauro, as the latter takes on the powerhouse in Kratos, who will undoubtedly have Stevens by his side. It’s fair to say that this NWA Powerrr match will have major World Tag Team Championship implications.

Thunder Rosa and Kamille Meet In a Summit on NWA Powerrr

Kamille’s path of domination has been nothing short of impressive. She remains undefeated in the NWA, having made her in-ring debut for the promotion in January of 2020. The recently-crowned number one contender for the NWA World Women’s Championship scored a huge victory over Jennacide last week on Powerrr. Post-match, Melina raced down to the ring to check on the fallen Jennacide, only to receive a spear for her troubles courtesy of Kamille. This led to Thunder Rosa making her way to the ring, where she and Melina argued.

This week, on NWA Powerrr, Thunder Rosa and Kamille will meet in a summit. In addition to the events that transpired last week, it’s possible that discussion regarding the World Women’s Championship will take place. Kamille is the number one contender, a spot she claimed by defeating Rosa at Back for the Attack last month. On the flipside, Rosa’s World Women’s Title reign was incredibly dominant, as she bested the likes of Lindsay Snow and Allysin Kay. Regardless of how this summit unfolds, the current titleholder, Serena Deeb, may very well be watching.

Nick Aldis Offers an Ultimatum to Trevor Murdoch

To say that Trevor Murdoch has found himself on the bad side of Strictly Business would be an understatement. Matters took a turn for the worse weeks ago, when Murdoch suffered a surprise attack at the hands of Chris Adonis, who he would later lose the NWA National Championship to. To Nick Aldis, Murdoch wasn’t championship material. Last week, prior to his scheduled match with Jordan Clearwater, Aldis proposed an idea to Murdoch: if the former National Champion stayed away from Aldis’ match, “The National Treasure” may grant him an opportunity for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The match between Aldis and Clearwater never had a chance to get underway, as Murdoch brawled with Strictly Business members Adonis and Thom Latimer toward ringside. Though Murdoch’s attempts to defend himself were valiant, he would fall victim to a full nelson slam at the hands of Adonis. This week, on NWA Powerrr, Aldis is set to offer an ultimatum to Murdoch. Given that he refused to steer clear of Aldis’ match, Murdoch may not receive the Worlds Heavyweight Title match that was proposed to him. What could this ultimatum from the self-proclaimed “puppet master” entail? Tune into NWA Powerrr tonight to find out.

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