Preview: Dragon Gate The Gate Of Passion 2021(04/09/21)

Gate Of Passion
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Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling will be holding The Gate Of Passion 2021 in Korakuen Hall on April 9, 2021. This is the first event streamed since the big Memorial Gate 2021 show. With two featured bouts and endless possibilities due to big things usually taking place in Korakuen Hall this should prove to be a newsworthy show. Here is the Gate Of Passion card.

The Gate of Passion 2021 Undercard:

  • Susumu Yokosuka and U-T vs Shun Skywalker and Jason Lee.
  • Ultimo Dragon and Kenichiro Arai vs Punch Tominaga and Ryo Saito.
  • Masaaki Mochizuki, Takashi Yoshida, Don Fuji, and Gamma vs BxB Hulk, Kaito Ishida, H•Y•O, and KAZMA Sakamoto.
  • KZY, Genki Horiguchi, and Dance Hashimoto(KAGETORA) vs Yasushi Kanda, Keisuke Okuda, and Ben-K.

Máscara Contra Máscara: Diamanté vs Bokutimo Dragon

Bokutimo Dragon first appeared at the tail end of last year, and has been quite the fan-favorite. Dawning a blue Ultimo Dragon tribute gear complete with a mask he was a departure from the Big R. Shimizu of old. His mask wasn’t a big deal to many until he ran into the Mexican Monster of R.E.D., Diamanté. Who just so happens to wear a mask being a luchador. After a victory over Bokutimo Dragon, Diamanté first stated he wanted a Máscara Contra Máscara(Mask vs Mask) match.

Bokutimo doesn’t speak Spanish, so he asked Ultimo Dragon to translate for him and Ultimo explained the proposition to him. He eventually agreed, and they’ve been at each other’s throats ever since. The weird thing is we know that Bokutimo Dragon is Boku R Shimizu, but is there a world they ignore that and unmask Diamanté? It’ll be very intriguing to see what approach they take.  We could also see Shimizu’s comedy run come to an end.

Change To The Main Event:

HipHop Kikuta was originally supposed to team with KAI and SBKENTo in the main event. However, he was in close contact with the trainee who tested positive for COVID-19. So Eita will replace him, and he will take a precautionary quarantine.

Naruki Doi’s Return Match: Eita, SBKENTo, and KAI vs Naruki Doi, YAMATO, and Dragon Kid

Naruki Doi has been out of action most of the year, as he decided to get surgery on a nagging injury he suffered last year. He made his first appearance since then at a recent Korakuen when R.E.D. set their sights on Masato Yoshino. Yoshino’s long-time tag partner Doi hit the ring. Doi stated that Dragon Gate has been boring, and has been missing him before announcing he would make his in-ring return at the Gate Of Passion 2021.

YAMATO and Dragon Kid offered their services for his return match against R.E.D. Doi accepted, and the match was made. Something is definitely going to happen after this match. Many speculate Doi moving to HIGH-END. However, it’s very possible Naruki Doi decides to lead his own unit. Only time will tell.

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