LWOPW’s 2020 WWE Wrestler Of The Year: Bayley

WWE Wrestler of the Year

WWE had its most interesting year in a very long time. They haven’t had a live audience since March but have also managed to not miss a single show. Ratings and views aren’t as high as they once were, but they have done what they can to move forward. As we look at the 2020 WWE Wrestler of the Year, we must take into account the circumstances at hand, the ability to make anything work, and the simple credentials that anyone takes in when it comes to naming a wrestler of the year. From losing Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, and Charlotte Flair for a solid chunk of the year to the difficulty of missing their main source, the fans, they did what they could to keep the show going.

The decision for the 2020 WWE Wrestler of the Year came down to three serious contenders, as they were the only ones to be there and help lead WWE in the toughest of circumstances. But only one could win the honor.

(Note: This does NOT include NXT talent. Only talent involved on Raw and SmackDown.)

Honorable Mention: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre WWE

What a year it was for the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. He kicked off 2020 by winning one of the best men’s Royal Rumble matches possibly ever, earning a shot at WrestleMania to finally win a world championship in WWE. McIntyre went on to the fan-less WrestleMania 36 to defeat Brock Lesnar and become the WWE Champion, fulfilling the one time “Chosen One” destiny. And since then, he has done all he can to try and keep Raw afloat despite bumpy opponents, at times ever-lasting feuds, and the difficulty of not having fans in attendance when he very well deserved it. For some, McIntyre’s accolades of winning the Royal Rumble, main eventing WrestleMania, and winning the WWE Championship twice is enough. And while it was a great year, it simply was not enough to defeat the woman who is WWE’s Wrestler of the Year.

Honorable Mention: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks WWE

Sasha Banks is the only woman in WWE history to win the Raw, SmackDown, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships all in one calendar year. That is historic. She was part of the pairing that helped lead WWE through some of the toughest months in the company’s history. No fans mean a weird atmosphere. And Banks was able to make it seem like nothing. So many times we have seen others seem flustered, fail, or not get a reaction this year in the empty arena and that was clear. Eventually, WWE added NXT wrestlers to the crowds to help bolster each show, but with or without the fans — Banks delivered.

As she sits here as the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, we can say with confidence that it was one hell of a year to be Banks. She had what may very well be the feud and match of the year added to her resume to make the year 2020 one of the finest in her career. Banks added a spark to not only SmackDown, but Raw and NXT to show that she was the top talent WWE needed this year. In any other circumstance, she would be the WWE Wrestler of the Year, but her partner in crime and eventual rival for much of 2020 is the one that gets to take home that honor this year.

WWE Wrestler of the Year 2020: Bayley

Bayley WWE

She may no longer be SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she is the rightful winner of the 2020 WWE Wrestler of the Year. Bayley was everything WWE needed during one of the most difficult years in company history. When 2020 started, she held the championship and was still attempting to establish herself as a true heel. As we sit here at the end of the year, she proved to not only be capable but thrive with the opportunity she was given. Alongside Sasha Banks, she became “Bayley Dos Straps” and showed that she was the best double champion of the past couple of years. The numbers don’t lie either, as any time she and Banks were involved in an angle on television, they were the draws WWE needed. From Raw to SmackDown, all the way to NXT, Bayley solidified herself as WWE’s most important superstar all year long.

When she had the debatable match of the year with Banks at Hell in a Cell, she completed her historic 380-day title reign as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bayley was the champion of champions this year, and no matter her opponents, put on a show. “Ding dong, hello” became a staple of WWE television anytime she appeared, and for good reason. It was her opportunity to wake up these fans around the world to understand she was the face WWE desperately needed.

All in all, her run with the SmackDown Women’s Championship was the best women’s championship run in years. She defeated a who’s who and did so learning who she was at the same time. WWE’s first-ever Grand Slam Women’s Champion not only led the women’s division but the entire WWE when they needed it most. Sure, they didn’t have “The Man,” “The Big Dog,” or “The Queen” for a majority of the year, but they didn’t need them. All they needed was “The Boss” and “The Role Model” to run the world.

A historic championship run, being one of the top draws of the company, and simply a wonderful year for Bayley. She is LWOPW’s 2020 WWE Wrestler of the Year.


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