Booking Eva Marie In Her Rumored WWE Return

Eva Marie

In September of this year, fans were surprised when reports that the “All-Red Everything” advocate has signed with the company once again. Not many were optimistic about Eva Marie’s comeback considering a less than stellar first run in the Vince McMahon-led empire. Months have passed and yet there are still no signs of the former Diva getting thrust back into the fold of WWE programming. If one would book the eventual return of Marie this is how WWE would get the most out of her impending re-entry.

The Initial Run:

Eva Marie has always been a so-called “heat magnet.” She draws ire from fans-alike just by being present. The WWE Universe did not respond well to the former Total Divas star in her arrival. Marie was very green as a performer. Many weren’t happy she was taking time from talent. Time would go by and she put in the work and trained with Brian Kendrick. People were more receptive, judging by the reactions to her training videos on social media. She was constantly improving under the tutelage of the former tag team champion. Some believed she was on her way to becoming a decent performer. In her first match back in NXT, it was unremarkable, to put it mildly. She has improved but not to the point of being accepted by the WWE die-hards. It remained that way, despite being called up to the main roster, until her exit in 2017.

The Return:

Eva Marie NXT

If WWE wants to get the absolute best out of her heat-drawing talents, she needs to be aligned with a certain someone. This is where “The Robert Stone Brand” comes in.  A somewhat comedic but promising stable led by Robert Stone. His whole character is taking on clients as a lucrative Sports Agent would. He recruited the likes of Aliyah, Mercedes Martinez, and Chelsea Green. But the stable has not made much of an impact in NXT, mainly competing in comedy feuds. If paired up with the aforementioned group, Eva Marie would definitely drum up buzz for the brand. Stone will present her as a “star-acquisition” of the collective. That would come to fruition with the help of former women’s champion, Melina. Speculation suggests a return in the near future. If indeed it ever happens, having her be a part of this would be a fascinating proposition.

A key-piece into this re-debut of sorts, Robert Stone would introduce Melina as a “Business Partner” the main driving force in getting the “Red-Headed Vixen.” Having Melina back, a former heat magnet herself, into the fold along with Marie, would make for a great pairing and make them instantly the top heel stable in the women’s division of NXT. Imagine the reaction, every week when fans are back in arenas. Having Melina mentor Marie as well as Aliyah would be beneficial for both stars. A WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship run defended under “The Freebird Rule” would be an interesting path to explore as well. It would be a way to ease in Eva Marie and make her a more compelling character. The group would be the quintessential “cowardly stable”, whose comeuppance never seems to materialize. Leaving the door open for a popular babyface to put them in their place.

WWE’s Vision:

Rumors point to Eva Marie being Angel Garza‘s secret admirer. That would do both performers a disservice. Garza deserves better and having him be Eva Marie’s partner would put her under the microscope once again. WWE must let her hone her craft, stay close to the Performance Center. Learn under the likes of Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, and more amazing talents. NXT is the best place for her. WWE must allow the once fitness-guru to get her legs under her. Fans might not be ecstatic for her return but her potential to draw massive amounts of reaction, albeit negative, is the best way to utilize her.

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