Stardom Osaka Dream Cinderella News Roundup (12/20/20)

Osaka Dream Cinderella News

For the first time ever Stardom ran the Edion Osaka Arena for Osaka Dream Cinderella.  As most of their big shows tend to be this was an event filled with newsworthy moments and announcements as Stardom brought out their big guns for the event.  Let’s jam through the Osaka Dream Cinderella news

Osaka Dream Cinderella News (Contains Spoilers)

New Company Logo

Stardom is ditching the pink logo in favour of a sleek new black and white logo.  The company’s full name World Wonder Ring Stardom is seen on the logo, keeping in theme with past logos.  As Stardom continues to grow a professional-looking logo like this will be a benefit.

Tokyo Dome Dark Match

For a second year in a row Stardom will have a match at Wrestle Kingdom, this year they will feature on January 5th.  Once again this match will be a dark match for live viewers only.

Cosmic Angels Break Away From STARS

One of the big matches for Osaka Dream Cinderella was the Break Of STARS match between STARS and the Cosmic Angels.  Both fans and Mayu Iwatani had been confused regarding the status of the angels, are they a STARS sub-group or their own unit?  At Osaka we got our answer as the Angels debuted new group music and announced after their title defence that they are their own new unit.

Maika Is Next In Line

Following Utami Hayashishita‘s successful title defence in the main event over Momo Watanabe, Maika came out to challenge for the World Of Stardom title.  Maika defeated Hayashishita in the 5STAR Grand Prix and was expected to make a challenge for the title eventually.  No date was set for their match.

#AndNEW: Saya Iida Wins Future Of Stardom Championship

In the opener of Osaka Dream Cinderella, which streamed live on YouTube, Saya Iida won her first-ever title in Stardom.  She pinned Saya Kamitani in a three-way to win the Future Of Stardom title.  With Iida’s win the Future Of Stardom title has seemingly loosened its restriction for titleholders.  Previously a champion or challenger had to have less than two years of experience, now it is three years.

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