#AndNEW: The Young Bucks Win the AEW World Tag Team Championship at Full Gear

The Young Bucks AEW World Tag Team Champions Full Gear

In what was one of the most hotly anticipated matches of Full Gear, The Young Bucks challenged FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Even before All Elite Wrestling took shape, wrestling fans around the world wondered when these teams would clash. For a period of time, many fans considered it a dream match, specifically in regard to championship contention. On this night, in what could best be described as a final opportunity, The Young Bucks unseated FTR, adding the AEW World Tag Team Championship to their extensive resume.

This match was interesting at the onset for a few reasons. First, Tully Blanchard, who has served as the manager of FTR, was barred from ringside. Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood would not be able to benefit from his ringside support. Second, Matt Jackson entered this match with a pre-existing leg injury, which played into this match in various ways. Whenever Matt showed weakness in his leg, FTR capitalized.

Despite this, The Young Bucks fought back with everything they had. They knew that this was their final opportunity at the gold; if they lost, they would no longer be able to compete for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Thus, they fought with a higher level of intensity. This would almost come at a cost, however. Near the end of the match, Matt teased using a steel chair. This prompted Nick Jackson and the referee to plead with him. Ultimately, cooler heads prevailed, which allowed The Young Bucks to win the gold fairly.

If there’s one term that can be used to describe this showdown between The Young Bucks and FTR, it would be a “love letter.” To be more exact, a love letter to tag team wrestling throughout the years. FTR utilized techniques that called back to The Steiner Brothers, for example. Meanwhile, The Young Bucks took to the skies like one of the teams they grew up admiring, The Hardy Boyz. There was even a spot where FTR used the finishing maneuver of DIY, perhaps their greatest rivals throughout wrestling.

With this victory, The Young Bucks become the fourth team to hold the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Since the early 2000s, Matt and Nick Jackson have held championship gold throughout various organizations. In addition to AEW, they have been tag team titleholders in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and other organizations. Now that these two AEW EVPs hold their company’s tag team gold, who will step up to challenge them next?

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