Preview: AEW Full Gear (11/7/20)

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All Elite Wrestling‘s final pay-per-view of the year culminates tonight with Full Gear. The biggest stars in AEW collide as the stakes have never been higher. A whopping eight match card is set with one pre-show match. All titles will be on the line as months of feuds reach their apex. With Dynamite continuing to be a ratings success, a third hour of programming imminent, a new line of action figures coming out soon, and future stars signed. It’s fair to say AEW endured this godawful pandemic to deliver a strong second year. Now AEW looks to put on one final PPV banger before this horrible year is finally over.

Let’s get down to business:

The Buy In:

NWA Women’s World Championship Match
Serena Deeb (c) vs Allysin Kay

Full Gear
Photo / AEW

AEW and NWA‘s working agreement continues as the Women’s Champion Serena Deeb puts her title on the line against the free agent Allysin Kay. Formerly Sienna of IMPACT Wrestling, the AK47 was the former NWA Women’s Champion who lost the title to Thunder Rosa earlier this year. Deeb shockingly defeated Rosa at the October 27th UWN Primetime Live Event to capture to gold. Kay is only now receiving a rematch for the title even though she is no longer signed to the NWA. The NWA Women’s Title scene has exploded and is currently filled with regularly exciting matches. After the phenomenal performance against Leyla Hirsch two weeks, it’s fair to say Serena Deeb is exactly the type of athlete AEW needed in their women’s division. Allysin Kay would also bring a tremendous amount of talent and experience if she were to sign with AEW. Whatever happens, know that fans of women’s wrestling are in for a treat at no cost.

Main Card

Orange Cassidy vs John “4” Silver

Photo / AEW

Originally scheduled for the Full Gear Buy In, “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy will look to get back on track against “Johnny Hungee” John Silver. The Dark Order has been a thorn in the side of AEW’s babyfaces. Not content in their current feud with the Nightmare Family, The Dark Order have targeted Orange Cassidy over the past couple of weeks. John Silver has been a regular highlight over on Being the Elie. His highly entertaining character has been a real treat as he capture the hearts of AEW fans. Meanwhile, Orange Cassidy is easily the biggest success story for AEW this year. Though he failed to capture the TNT Title, OC’s stock has skyrocketed and has become a true mainstay for All Elite. This past Dynamite, John Silver and Dark Order attacked Cassidy during the Miro vs Trent match. OC would return the favor later in the night after Cody and the Gunn Club defeated 10, Silver, and Colt Cabana. How will these unique and hilarious wrestle settle the score?

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara: Elite Deletion Match

If at first you don’t succeed, maybe you shouldn’t try again. The issues boiling between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara have led to the two wrestlers at each others throats. The eldest Hardy attempted to convince the “Spanish God” to leave Chris Jericho behind. Guevara responded by attacking Hardy with a chair thrown directly into his face, drawing blood. The two would look to finish each other at AEW All Out in September in a Broken Rules Match. Their bout received immense criticism for AEW’s handling of a concussion situation. Matt Hardy took scary fall during a spot onboard a lift in which his head hit the concrete. Matt was somehow cleared by a ringside physician, and climbed up scaffolding to throw Sammy onto the mat to win the match. For some reason, AEW decided to continue the feud and now the two will collide one more time. This cursed feud will hopefully reach a definitive conclusion in the Elite Deletion Match at Full Gear. This bout will take place at the Hardy Compound and will likely be akin to the Final Deletion. Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara will stop at nothing to end each other. Will Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara make it out in one piece?

Chris Jericho vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Full Gear
Photo / AEW

There’s been talking, dancing, debates, musical numbers, and some wrestling. Now the stage is finally set. The “Salt of the Earth” MJF will go one one with “The Demo God” Chris Jericho. If MJF is victorious, then he will get to be in the Inner Circle. The Alpha and his pack of wolves in the Inner Circle have decimated everyone and anyone who stands in their way. Le Champion has been on the road to recovery after his defeat to Orange Cassidy in the Mimosa Mayhem Match. After losing to Jon Moxley at All Out, MJF decried that he needed to join a wolf pack. MJF has tried everything he can to get cozy with the Painmaker. From buying the faction jackets, to karaoke dining, to ratings galore. MJF will do anything to join the Inner Circle. MJF has been primed as the future of AEW for years to come. Now he takes on a legend in a first time ever clash. Jericho believes MJF lacks a killer instinct. This past Dynamite, MJF attacked Y2J at the booth to which Le Champion responded with a devilish smile. A rare heel vs heel matchup in AEW, the two biggest egos in the company collide at Full Gear.

AEW Women’s World Championship
Hikaru Shida (c) vs Nyla Rose

Full Gear
Photo / AEW

The “Native Beast” gets her rematch against Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship. It was at Double Or Nothing that Nyla Rose’s short reign as champion came to an end. Since then, Nyla installed Vickie Guerrero as a manger to become more successful in her career. Ironically enough, Nyla disappeared from Dynamite for months with no discernible explanation. She made sporadic appearances of AEW Dark before revealing on the October 13th edition of AEW Dark that she would not wrestle until she received her rightful rematch. Nyla has gotten her match Full Gear and will do whatever she can to destroy Shida and win back the strap. Their previous match, despite a lack of build, was well done and cemented Shida as the standard-bearer of the AEW women’s division. Can Shida best Nyla again?

TNT Championship Match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Darby Allin

Photo / AEW

The “Daredevil” Darby Allin faces off against the “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes for the TNT Title. In the AEW Inaugural World Title Tournament, Cody defeated Darby in the semi-finals and would go on to become the first champion. Darby and Cody have history dating back last year. It was at Fyter Fest that Cody and Darby went to a time limit draw. Then, in January of this year, at the Homecoming Edition of Dynamite that Cody finally bested his rival. Cody leads 2-0-1 in this series. Over the past couple of weeks, the Prince of Pro-Wrestling has had to contend with the Dark Order. After losing, then regaining, the strap from Brodie Lee. Cody has stopped at nothing to cement himself as the Ace of AEW. Since he can no longer win the world title, Cody has done everything possible to make the TNT Championship the belt in AEW. The open challenges have been spectacular, and now is the time to put up or shut up for the American Nightmare. Darby Allin looks to earn respect and finally get a win over the Prince. Darby believes he is being screwed over and will make himself the face of TNT. Cody says Darby is lying and that he isn’t the Ace. Pride, ego, and respect are on the line and this is sure to be another thriller in their longstanding series.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
FTR (c) vs. Young Bucks

Full Gear
Photo / AEW

A dream match years in the making. The Young Bucks will finally wrestle FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Titles. However, if the Young Bucks lose they will never challenge for the belts again. These two teams couldn’t be more different if they tried. FTR represents the old-school southern rasslin of NWA/WCW created from NXT. The Young Bucks are indie sensations from ROH, PWG, and NJPW. Fans have salivated over this match for two years now. FTR made their debuts earlier this year and manipulated Hangman into costing The Bucks an opportunity at the straps. FTR then defeated Hangman and Omega at All Out to win the gold. Afterwards, The Bucks would sorta turn heel as they superkicked everyone they could find. Their new attitude paved the way for them to beat Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade, and John Silver & Alex Reynolds to make this match happen. However, FTR would attack the Jackson Brothers and crush Matt’s ankle with a steel chair. Now Matt has a legitimate ACL injury putting this match in question. The build to this match has been perplexing to say the least. FTR started as babyfaces, who turned heel by attacking the Rock N Roll Express. The Young Bucks acted like entitled jerk heels for weeks before receiving a beatdown in an effort to give them sympathy. AEW’s confusing heel/face dynamics aside, this match has fans talking. Tonight we will find out who truly is the best Tag Team in all of AEW.

Kenny Omega vs Hangman Adam Page

Photo / AEW

You don’t know what you got, till it’s gone. The tragedy of Hangman Adam Page has been an entire odyssey in the year of 2020. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page were a phenomenal tag team in an already stacked division. Their title reign came to end at AEW All Out which led to Kenny wanting a “Clean Slate.” Now the former world tag team champions will meet in the finals of the World Title Eliminator Tournament. Hangman’s lost to Jericho at All Out last year drove him to his alcoholism and aggression. Now that Hangman has been kicked out of the Elite, he is at his lowest point once again. Meanwhile, Kenny Omega has returned to singles contention in an effort to avenge his loss to Jon Moxley. Omega handedly squashed Sonny Kiss before putting on a barn burner against Penta El Zero M. As the clear favorite to win the tournament, we are very near to a full-fledged return of “The Cleaner” in AEW. Hangman is desperate to prove himself. The Anxious Millennial Cowboy over the unique Colt Cabana as well as the mammoth Wardlow to earn this chance. After running out to save the Bucks from FTR, Kenny and Omega had a tense stare down.

AEW World Championship “I Quit” Match
Jon Moxley (c) vs Eddie Kingston

Full Gear
Photo / AEW

Obsession can drive someone to become the worst version of themselves. It was at All Out in the Casino Battle Royal that Eddie Kingston was “eliminated” by Lance Archer. Archer would go on to challenge Mox for the title on the Anniversary Edition of Dynamite in a losing effort. Eddie, rightfully had a gripe as he was never truly thrown over the top rope. On the September 23rd edition of Dynamite, Kingston would challenge Moxley for the strap in which he lost by passing out to a choke. Since then, the Mad King has been on a mission. He wants to destroy Moxley and win the big one. Eddie Kingston is one of the most unsung warriors of independent wrestling, and now he is in the main event to challenge for a world title on a national television wrestling company. Earlier this week, Mox and Kingston came face to face in a blistering promo battle. Jon related to Eddie over their past friendship, how he knows his mother, how nothing will stop this battle. No love is lost as these two vicious wrestlers will fight in the main event of Full Gear.

Full Gear can be watched from North America via B/R Live, and from outside North America on FITE.TV.

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