Preview: ICW – Fear & Loathing XII: Night Two (11/3/19)

ICW Fear & Loathing

It’s a huge weekend for Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), as they present the first-ever double-header of Fear & Loathing. The first night sees some huge matches, such as a Good Housekeeping Match, a Glasgow Street Fight, and the ICW debut of Sami Callihan, but night two looks set to be an even bigger night, including the return of Ilja Dragunov, the much-anticipated World Heavyweight Championship bout, and we crown the inaugural Kings of Insanity!

9th Annual Square Go! Qualifying Rumble Match: Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Daz Black, Jason Reed, Kyle Khaos, Levi Justice, Luca de Pazzi, Lucha DS, The Sam Barbour Experience, and Xero confirmed to enter

In early 2020, ICW will hold the 9th Annual Square Go!, with the yearly match often being used to catapult the career of whoever wins the bout. The next instalment will see an up and coming talent enter the fray, possibly marking their first appearance in the match in the case of all but one of these competitors, as ten men enter a Square Go! Qualifying Rumble Match for the VIP ticket holders on night two of Fear & Loathing XII. The nine men announced at the time of writing are as follows; the current Source Wrestling Champion Alexander Darwin MacAllan, “The Shooting Star” Daz Black, the reigning WrestleZone (WZ) Tri-Counties Champion Jason Reed, the returning Kyle Khaos, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum (GPWA) standout Levi Justice, the recently rechristened Luca de Pazzi, 2018 Premier British Wrestling (PBW) King of Cruisers winner Lucha DS, the sensational Sam Barbour Experience, and the sadistic Xero. That’s a fine list of talent right there, and there’s still one space left to be filled. Rumbles/battle royals are typically difficult matches to choose a winner for, but this one knocks it out the park in terms of that fact.

Prediction: Jason Reed

Iestyn Rees vs Scotty Davis

Fear & Loathing

It’s a battle of speed vs power as Iestyn Rees meets Scotty Davis. Both men have made quite the impact in ICW during 2019, with Rees returning to the company after a few months off with the new moniker of The Quintessential Athlete, recently scoring a huge victory over former Zero-G Champion Andy Wild at France 2000 on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, Davis made his ICW (and Scottish wrestling overall) debut at ICW’s first event under the GONZO banner a few weeks ago, coming away unsuccessful against Kenny Williams, but he’s had huge success elsewhere. He won the sixth Natural Progression Series over in PROGRESS Wrestling that saw him cash in his title opportunity earned to capture the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships alongside his mentor Jordan Devlin. Despite all of his accolades though, The Supreme Suplex Machine is stepping into the ring with a man twice his size. Good luck getting any suplexes in here.

Prediction: Iestyn Rees

ICW Tag Team Championships #1 Contendership: The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) vs The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)

Whichever team goes on to win the Kings of Insanity Match later on in the evening will already have their next challengers set in stone as The Fite Network‘s Lou King Sharp and Krieger face off with The Nine9 pairing of Dickie Divers and Jack Morris to determine who’ll get a tag title match at the 9th Annual Square Go! in 2020. For Sharp and Krieger, this is their first proper opportunity since arriving in ICW a few years ago. Sure, they’ve had tag title matches here and there and they were part of a six-team TLC Match at last year’s Fear & Loathing, but nothing quite on this level. In terms of their opponents though, one of them knows a thing or two about the ICW Tag Team Championships, as Divers was one-half of the inaugural champs alongside his old STI (Superior Talent Initiative) partner William Grange. With Jack Morris now serving as his partner in crime, it could be time for the current Reckless Intent Wrestling (RI) Heavyweight Champion to add some more gold to his collection. Unless, of course, The Blood Tourist and big Scudmaster Sexy come into this one all guns blazing, which they most certainly will.

Prediction: The Fite Network

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Andy Wild vs Mark Coffey

Fear & Loathing

The rivalry between Mark Coffey and Andy Wild comes to a head at Fear & Loathing XII as they collide in what is sure to be one hall of a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. These two have been going at each other since May, when Coffey set his masked Power Forward goons on Wild after The Dad Bod God teamed with Aaron Echo and Kieran Kelly to eliminate the masked trio from the King of Hawners tournament. The NXT UK Tag Team Champion would then be successful over big Andy at Shug’s Hoose Party 6, but things between them still wouldn’t settle down, resulting in Andy Wild making the challenge for Fear & Loathing XII. While the recent tensions between them have only really been brewing since May, you could technically trace the start of this back to last December, as Coffey (who had lost the Zero-G Championship a few weeks earlier) ambushed Wild following a loss to him. This one’s almost a year in the making – let’s hope those Power Forward lads don’t ruin what is sure to be another barnstormer between two of ICW’s biggest hosses.

Prediction: Andy Wild

Ilja Dragunov vs Kez Evans

After turning his back on BT Gunn at Shug’s Hoose Party 5 last year, Kez Evans has become a much more dangerous man than ever before, although he did suffer quite a setback at this year’s Shug’s Hoose Party event as he lost to The Oddity in a brutal Last Man Standing bout. Despite that loss, Evans demanded that ICW commissioner Carmel Jacob find him a huge opponent for Fear & Loathing XII. Who bigger than Ilja Dragunov? The Russian native has become a worldwide sensation since bursting on to the independent wrestling scene, joining the NXT UK roster earlier on in the year. Dragunov has appeared for ICW in the past, unsuccessfully challenging Joe Coffey for the Zero-G Championship at this year’s Square Go! in what turned out to be one of the best Scottish wrestling matches of 2019 thus far. It’s a huge opportunity for young Kez, but will he be capable of pulling off the upset victory on the biggest night on the ICW calendar?

Prediction: Ilja Dragunov

Triple Threat Match: Noam Dar vs Kieran Kelly vs Leyton Buzzard

Fear & Loathing

Noam Dar is back in ICW for the weekend, with the former Zero-G Champion set for a six-man tag team match on the first night as he teams with Jack Jester and Sha Samuels to form The Kinky Pinky Party as they head into battle with The Kings of the North. On night two, however, things are a bit different – The Scottish Supernova will be competing in what will be a show-stealing Triple Threat Match as he faces both Kieran Kelly and Leyton Buzzard. Kelly and Buzzard have had quite the rivalry since the former made his debut in early 2018, with the pair being heavily entertaining side acts during the Joe Hendry vs Chris Renfrew rivalry. Anytime they step into the ring together, you know you’re guaranteed to witness a great match. When you add a performer the caliber of Noam Dar to the mix though, then you’re in for something much, much better. Leyton’s already had quite the year so far, both in and out of ICW, so he’ll be looking to keep that momentum going with a victory over these two talents.

Prediction: Leyton Buzzard

ICW Tag Team Championships – Kings of Insanity Match: The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c) vs The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)

Alongside BT Gunn, The Purge tandem of Krobar and Stevie James were victorious in the King of Hawners tournament after defeating The Wild Boys in the finals, which earned them the right to cash in an opportunity for a title shot of their choosing whenever they saw fit. What better place to cash it in than the biggest show of the year? The bikers confronted The Kings of Catch after they had retained their Tag Team Championships over The Kings of the North in September, letting the champs know that they’d be challenging for the tag titles at Fear & Loathing. While the Kings were more than happy to oblige to the challenge, Lewis Girvan wanted to spice things up a bit seeing as it was Fear & Loathing season. So, with fellow Filthy Generation members Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray winning the King of Insanity and Queen of Insanity Matches in 2017 and 2018 respectively, how about we crown the first Kings of Insanity? The last two ‘…of Insanity Matches’ have proven to be barbaric bloodbaths, with the use of barbed wire, thumbtacks, and cinderblocks all being utilized to inflict pain and punishment on the competitors involved. Who knows what weapons of choice will be brought out this time around, but it’s sure to be another bloodbath with the ICW Tag Team Championships up for grabs.

Prediction: The Purge

ICW Women’s World Championship – Last Chance Match: Kasey (c) vs Aivil

Fear & Loathing

Kasey and Aivil have been near inseparable since late 2018 – wherever one went, the other followed closely behind with evil intentions in mind. Without a doubt, it’s clearly been Kasey who’s had the better luck out of the pair, as she captured the Women’s World Championship from Kay Lee Ray in a Triple Threat Match that also included The Twisted Priestess back in July, whereas Aivil has failed to win the strap three times in 2019 alone. She earned this opportunity by first defeating Angel Hayze and then Isla Dawn (who had overcome Anastasia) in a four-woman tournament to determine Kasey’s challenger for Fear & Loathing weekend. Due to the number of defenses Aivil had previously failed in, Carmel Jacob added a stipulation where she’ll never receive another title opportunity for as long as Kasey is champion if she fails once again. However, the commissioner also stated that if Kasey’s manager The Wee Man gets physically involved in the match, then he’ll be stripped of his manager’s license, and fired from ICW. If Aivil is once again unsuccessful in winning the Women’s World Championship, then we may see a much more barbaric version of her unleashed heading out of the weekend.

Prediction: Aivil

ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Stevie Boy (c) vs Joe Coffey

The match is back on! After making his presence felt at the culmination of France 2000, Joe Coffey will indeed be awarded his crack at the World Heavyweight Championship to main event night two of Fear & Loathing XII. The Iron King had previously been removed from all ICW events, including Fear & Loathing, for his actions during Stevie Boy’s match with Ravie Davie at the first GONZO event. Although he’s not officially been reinstated to the roster, Joe will be allowed to wrestle for the title as long as he signs a waiver that puts the match out of the hands of ICW management. He’s had quite the journey to Fear & Loathing XII, but so has the defending champion. Stevie Boy’s lucky he’s even coming into the show as the champ, as The Pharoah of Filth was ambushed by 2019 Square Go! winner RUDO Lightning as France 2000 went on air, but was successful in retaining the title after RUDO had officially cashed in his briefcase. Without a night two main event, and the possibility of future shows being interrupted by Joe Coffey, Mark Dallas was left with no choice but to put the match back on. The word ‘match’ is used very loosely here – this will, in fact, be an absolute war.

Prediction: Stevie Boy

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