The NWA Powerrr Recap (10/29/19)

NWA Powerrr

One month into NWA Powerrr and the fun just does not stop. The show kicks off recapping the story of Mama Storms baby boy, Tim Storm losing his opportunity to ever wrestle for the title again after his lost to Nick Aldis only to then get pounced on by The Dawsons after his tag match with Eli Drake. We then go into the fire with the NWA Powerrr opening.

Does the “Cowboy” James Storm have something to prove?

This week’s episode starts off with the Cowboy talking about not having something to prove to get a shot at the title. He then gets interrupted by Colt Cabana and Eli Drake and soon after, the NWA Champion, Nick Aldis. A six-man tag match is proposed by Nick Aldis with the condition that if James Storm’s team loses, he has to give a title shot to Colt Cabana for the North American title. But if Nick Aldis’ team loses, then James Storm can face Nick Aldis for the Ten Pounds Of Gold, however, James Storm would have to give up the North American title to face Aldis for his title. A quick recap video is followed by the ongoing story of Kamille not speaking. This is followed by a graphic where fans can go to twitter and ask Kamille questions using #AskKamille on her twitter account with the handle @KamilleBrick.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Jocephus

In the second segment of the show, we have David Marquez interviewing Trevor Murdoch. The two talk about Murdoch and him having to work everything he has in this business. Murdoch states he’s in the NWA for a contract and made a request to the NWA for a match against Jocephus. This results in Jocephus not only showing up but accepting Murdoch’s match. Jocephus sneak attacks Murdoch when Murdoch had his back turned towards Jocephus while heading to the ring for the match. The finish of the match had Jocephus attempt to use foot powder on Murdoch, only to get it kicked to his face by Murdoch. Murdoch for the win. A quick bumper for Thunder Rosa follows.

It’s not a blouse, it’s a shirt!

As we come back from the quick Thunder Rosa video, Aron Stevens comes out to speak with Joe Gali and the fans. Stevens is here to promote his movie but is interrupted by Ricky Starks. Gali asks Starks what he’s doing out here but before Starks could answer the question, Stevens arrogantly suggests that Starks wants to be his stuntman. Stevens gets a slap in the face for his actions and a match between the two is set up. A quick promotional video for the Eddie Kingston and Homicide versus The Dawsons match airs.

Kayfabe Cocktail (Helluva Deal) & The Rock N Roll Express

The Universal Heartthrob, Austin Idol is promoting Kayfabe Cocktail. An aphrodisiac of a lifetime that YOU could use on a Friday night with a good looking chick on a Friday night, according to him. He’d tell you what’s in the aphrodisiac, however, that wouldn’t be kayfabe now would it? A video for The Rock N Roll Express is promoted as the legendary duo will be returning to the NWA soon.

The Dawsons vs. Kingston & Homicide

We come back to the show with The Dawsons making their entrance then getting jumped by Kingston and Homicide. A donnybrook enses between both teams. Kingston early on hurts his right hand after mistakenly chopping the ring post after missing one of the Dawson boys. This essentially isolates the team to just Homicide as Kingston eventually is out of commission. Chairs get thrown in the ring by the Dawsons and are used to take out their opponents. Kingston makes a quick effort to come back but is brutalized by the Dawsons after they send him back first to a triplet of chairs. The finish of the match was an usual one when the tag champs, The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs) beat on both teams but caused The Dawsons to win the match. The show continues with the question mark commercial we’ve recently seen on past shows.

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox

From the break, we have a pre-match interview with Marti Belle where she talks about wanting a match with Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s Title. Belle comes to the ring and right before the bell rings, Allysin Kay comes out to challenge to wish both luck in their match against one another. The finish of the match has Ashley Vox countering what looks to be a pedigree from Belle and coming out with the win. Vox will face Allysin Kay for a future title match. Back in the ring, a debuting Thunder Rosa comes to the ring and offers her hand to Belle, but Belle refused and stormed out of the ring.

Tire Iron and Waffles (Yummy!)

We’re brought to what looks to be a new commercial by Tony Falk from Paducah, KY, the man who taught Shawn Michaels how to speak “Kiz-ar-ny” as he’s offering another delicious deal having to do with golden tire irons and waffles. This weeks deal is if you buy three gluten-free waffles, you’ll get FOUR FREE tire irons.

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens comes to the ring in his signature robe and white towel while Starks is already in the ring. A quick match with Ricky Starks taking the victory here with the story that Starks threatened to slap the face of Aron Stevens. Because Stevens is a Hollywood star, his face is the money maker here, so it’s a no-no to touch his face. A quick commercial break regarding NWA’s pay per view show on December 15th is advertised then by a quick reminder to contact Kamille on twitter.

Team Aldis vs. Team Storm

We’re brought back to the show for the main event with team Storm (James Storm & The Wilds Cards) versus team Aldis (Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Ken Anderson). A star-studded match filled with current and past champions quickly brought out the best in NWA. But the finish had Colt Cabana get the pin on Thomas Latimer and having him earn his future title match from James Storm.

Final Thoughts

Overall another excellent show with a fast great flow consisting of great talking segments by the best talkers of the business. Nick Aldis continues to prove why he is the champ by looking like a champ, talking like a champ, and wrestling like a champ. Aron Stevens oozes charisma and entertainment and definitely is a talent to watch out for. Thunder Rosa seems to be the mystery and wild card to the women’s division at the moment. It will be interesting to see what’s to come now that she is involved. Oddly enough, I finished the show with a sudden urge for waffles and tire irons with a glass of Kayfabe cocktail.

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