500 Up: Top Ten Luis Suarez Career Goals

Luis Suarez

After netting the winner for Atletico Madrid against Alaves on Sunday, Luis Suarez can proudly say he is a part of the 500 club. The forward has scored 198 for Barcelona, 82 for Liverpool, 111 for Ajax, 15 for Groningen, 12 for Nacional and 63 for Uraguay to take him to that special landmark. But, the question is, what are the top ten Luis Suarez career goals?

Top Ten Luis Suarez Career Goals

10. Real Sociedad 

Starting the list off with a bang is Luis Suarez’s goal against Real Sociedad in the 2017/18 season for Barcelona. This was the Uragyuan at his best. He received the ball from Lionel Messi before caressing it into the top corner of the net. 

It was an important strike, too, to level the proceedings for Barcelona on the night. In classic Suarez fashion, when goals were needed, he stepped up to score it as he has often done in his career.

9. Paris Saint-Germain 

The game against Paris Saint-Germain in 2015 will always be remembered as the night Luis Suarez knocked the French side out of the competition with a stunning brace to secure a 3-1 victory in the first leg. The first goal was superb, but the second one was something else. It rightfully has a place in the top ten best career goals of Luis Suarez.

The former Liverpool man slalomed past the PSG defenders before nutmegging David Luiz and thumping home the finish to all but end PSG’s hopes of progressing.

8. Udinese 

For this one, you’ve got to go all the way back to the 2012/13 season. The game itself will not live long in the memory of Liverpool fans, who saw their side defeated, but they’ll always cherish Suarez’s goal to give them hope.

The Uragyuan scored every goal possible at Anfield, including free-kicks, as this game proved. From a position many would decide to cross, Suarez stepped up to produce an unforgettable moment. The Udinese keeper stood no chance. He could only watch on as the ball soared past him and into the top corner.

7. RCD Majorca

As previously alluded to, Luis Suarez is capable of scoring every type of goal conceivable. We’ve already touched on his ability to score from set-pieces, but what about from backheels? 

Just a season ago, in his final few months as a Barcelona player, the Uragyuan sent a timely reminder to on-watching spectators of his ability by backheeling past the Majorca goalkeeper. It looked like an impossible task to pull off, but Suarez doesn’t consider the impossible. Instead, he executes it.

6. Arsenal 

Once almost an Arsenal player, thanks to their infamous bid with a pound on top, Suarez soon made Arsene Wenger regret his lowered offer in the 2015/16 season when at Barcelona. The stage was set when Arsenal travelled to the Nou Camp, tasked with overcoming a 2-0 deficit.

But that stage failed to find an Arsenal man as the leading protagonist. Instead, the spotlight found Luis Suarez, who acrobatically put the game out of sight for the Gunners – scoring one of his top ten goals in the process. 

Top Five Luis Suarez Career Goals

5. Newcastle United 

In truth, if it wasn’t for Norwich City, this goal could have a place at the very top of this list. It was a goal for fans who appreciate the aesthetic side of football, those who adore the glue-like first touch of players and the rounding of the goalkeeper. 

It would be rude not to include Suarez’s goal against Newcastle United in the 2012/13 season. It was simply sublime. The long ball was launched forward, finding Suarez in behind, who took it down on his chest and shoulder before sitting Tim Krul down and placing the ball into the back of the empty net. Words do not do it justice.

4. Norwich City 

As we enter the final four of the top ten Luis Suarez goals, an apology in advance is needed for Norwich City fans, who should probably stop reading now if they want to avoid any reminders of the damage the Uragyuan did – especially in 2013/14. 

It was Suarez’s best season in English football, with 33 goals in the Premier League, and he scored four of those in one game against Norwich at Anfield. Three of those goals on that famous night stand out, starting with his fourth of the game.

With the match ball already sealed, Suarez stepped up to a free-kick with a fourth in sight. And he did not fail to deliver. Instead, he stepped up before sending the ball past John Ruddy and into the top-left. 

3. Norwich City

The goal to seal his fourth of the game was superb, but the one to secure the match ball was even better. There are not many better sights in football than a half volley, and Suarez’s is up there as one of the best. 

He flicked the ball past the Norwich defender before allowing the ball to bounce and rocketing it into the bottom right from the edge of the box. There isn’t a better way to seal a hat-trick than with an incredible half volley. 

2. Norwich City 

Norwich fans were warned about what was about to come. We’ve already mentioned two of his four goals on that special night against the Canaries, and it would be rude to leave out the volley just in front of the halfway line. 

Not many players would even dare to strike the ball from this distance, but that’s what makes Luis Suarez one of the best. The ball dropped once, the Uragyuan took one look up before looping the ball up and down past John Ruddy in the Norwich goal. The dip was incredible, as was the strike and performance itself.

1. Norwich City 

The Canaries had plenty of warning about his ability before the massacre in 2013, not least a couple of seasons before when Suarez hit his first of two hat-tricks at Carrow Road. The first two strikes were classic goals that you would see many forwards score. 

By some contrast, the third was a strike only a few can even attempt. It just about summed up Luis Suarez and his genius as he spotted the Norwich keeper slightly off his line before executing the perfect strike from the halfway line.

Luis Suarez is 500 goals up in his career, and it comes as little surprise. He is simply one of the greats. Name a type of goal, and he has probably scored it. There is still undoubtedly plenty more to come, too, from the current Atletico Madrid man.


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