Scoreless Outing Percentage and Goose Eggs, 2022 (Dynamically Updated)


Scoreless Outing Percentage and Goose Eggs, 2022 Presenting the full list of Scoreless Outing Percentage (ScOtg%), Goose Eggs (GE), and related statistics for 2022. Statistics run through the end of play on June 28. These statistics aim to further measure effectiveness of relief pitchers. Scoreless Outing Percentage, which first appeared in this piece, is based […] READ MORE

Minnesota Twins Have Some Work to Do


The Minnesota Twins have work to do as there will surely be a plethora of activity in the coming days for them and all teams now that the MLB lockout has ended. They need to finalize their roster, and they must be aggressive if they want to get any free agents or pursue trades. The […] READ MORE

Potential Landing Spots for Kenley Jansen


Kenley Jansen is coming off one of the best seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2021, Jansen was the best closer in the NL, earning 38 saves with a 2.22 ERA in 69 appearances. Before his strong campaign, Jansen struggled. He’s never had an ERA higher than 3.70, and his 350 saves rank him […] READ MORE

Evaluating Relievers: A Modern Take


Evaluating Relievers in the Modern Game Evaluating relievers has become more challenging in the last 35 years or so as their in-game roles have changed. Even before this development, it was tough for the simple fact that there were severe limitations in the statistics available. The vast majority of these statistics were developed for starters, […] READ MORE

Reliever Rankings, May 30

Reliever Rankings, May 30 Here are the Reliever Rankings for 2021, up to and including May 30. Teams are ranked by league in the following categories: inherited runners scored percentage (IS%), ERA-minus (ERA–), WHIP, strikeouts per walk (K/BB), Goose Egg percentage (GE%), Broken Egg percentage (BE%), and GE per BE (GE/BE). These ranks are averaged […] READ MORE

Potential Philadelphia Phillies Bullpen Solutions


The leading topic of every Philadelphia sports radio show in the past week has been the Philadelphia Phillies bullpen. And no, definitely not in a positive way like the New York Yankees or Oakland Athletics. The Phillies bullpen enters play on Saturday night with the worst ERA in the MLB at 7.89. The lineup is […] READ MORE