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Yankees Free Agency Push Needed Post-Lockout

The MLB lockout has left a bad taste in the mouths of every baseball fan. Fans of the New York Yankees, however, received a double dose. Leading up to the anticipated lockout, a free agent frenzy ensued among several clubs. As many appealing targets went off the board, the Yankees surprisingly stood pat. It’s possible […] READ MORE

Potential Landing Spots for Clayton Kershaw

Similar to Freddie Freeman, Clayton Kershaw is one of those players that you can’t picture in any other uniform. The ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers for almost a decade and a half, Kershaw is a future Hall-of-Famer. In all likelihood, he will enter Cooperstown with a Dodgers cap on. However, at the moment, Kershaw […] READ MORE

Why Todd Helton Should be in the Hall of Fame

Simply stated, Todd Helton is the greatest player in Colorado Rockies history. Granted, the franchise is only 29 years old. Yet, if someone were asked to sum up Helton’s legacy in one sentence, that would be the accurate way to state it. That is a pretty good opening line to one day read on Helton’s […] READ MORE

Ben’s Short Stops: The Home Run Fence

To be fenced in means to be restricted or confined. For example, Bobby is a young man who wants to go out with his friends. His Dad, or in this case let’s say his Father (it just sounds more authoritative), says “no.” Bobby asks “why?” His Father says, “As long as you live under my […] READ MORE

Ten Greatest Comebacks in MLB History: #3 (1)

For the next in our list of courageous comebacks, we shift back in the proverbial vault. True, 1961 may not be the absolute bastion of “back there,” but it’s still pretty far back. So far, in fact, that it was during the second incarnation of the old Washington baseball team. This version of the Washington […] READ MORE

Ranking the Relievers on the Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2022 Hall of Fame ballot consists of several controversial candidates. Whether because of steroids, off-the-field issues, or post-career actions, this ballot is as interesting yet frustrating as they come. However, there are three relievers on the hall of fame ballot who come with little to no baggage. They are Billy Wagner, Joe Nathan, and […] READ MORE

Dave Parker: The Masked Man

When Jacques Plante, the former goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, used the first practical goalie mask during a game he was considered a coward. He had previously been using one during practice. But when he took a game-time puck to the face, enough was enough. Plante refused, after getting stitched up, to go back on […] READ MORE

Potential Landing Spots for Kris Bryant

One of the most intriguing free agents still on the market is Kris Bryant. Bryant is a former Rookie of the Year, MVP, four-time All-Star, and World Series Champion as a member of the Chicago Cubs. He has a career .880 OPS. On top of what he has done offensively, he is one of the […] READ MORE