Preview: Stardom Dream Queendom (12/29/12) – Stardom in Sumo Hall


On December 29 Stardom returns to Ryogoku Sumo Hall for the first time since Yuzuki Aikawa’s retirement event.  This time around the promotion isn’t celebrating a retirement, instead, we will see the hotly anticipated World of Stardom Championship rematch between Syuri and Utami Hayashishita in the main event.  In addition, Saya Kamitani challenges Tam Nakano […] READ MORE

Momo Watanabe Joins Oedo Tai

At Stardom’s Osaka Super Wars event Queen’s Quest and Oedo Tai battled it out with Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe’s future at stake. By the end of the show, Watanabe found herself aligned with Stardom’s resident heel faction, but not in the way anyone could have expected. Momo Watanabe Betrays Queen’s Quest — We […] READ MORE

Preview: Stardom- Osaka Super Wars (12/18/21)


Stardom is currently full steam ahead for Stardom Dream Queendom on December 29, but before we get there we have Osaka Super Wars in Osaka Edion Arena. This show is mostly based around faction-based warfare with a four-team unit tournament and a massive stipulation match on the card.  Let’s not waste any time and get […] READ MORE

From Prodigy To The One: The Year of Utami Hayashishita


2021 has been a banner year for professional wrestling around the world all things considered. Sure, it hasn’t been easy as the world continues to bounce back from COVID-19, but it still has seen promotions grow, moments be made, and wrestlers become solidified stars. At the end of the day, that’s a good sign for […] READ MORE

Preview: Stardom – Kawasaki Super Wars (11/3/21)


Stardom heads to the Todoroki Arena in Kawasaki for their first major show after Osaka Dream Cinderella.  Stardom is bringing a loaded lineup to Kawasaki as the recent returnee Hazuki challenges Utami Hayashishita for the World of Stardom Championship in the main event. That isn’t the only title match scheduled for Kawasaki Super Wars but it is the […] READ MORE