WWE Announces Four New NXT UK Signings

WWE continues to snap up independent talent from all across the world.  After their acquisitions of Cora Jade, Gigi Dolin, and Zoey Stark we figured they were done until Sareee’s class arrived.  That was not the case as four new NXT UK signings have been announced.  Joshi legend Meiko Satomura headlines this round and even appeared on the show yesterday.  Let’s take […] READ MORE

IWTV Announces Partnership With Meiko Satomura’s Sendai Girls

Independent Wrestling TV continues to add to its almost unrivaled lineup of professional wrestling content with the addition of Joshi promotion Sendai Girls which was founded by the legendary Meiko Satomura. We are excited to announce a new international partnership with Sendai Girls! @senjo2006 #WatchIWTVhttps://t.co/WyXacPDENh — IWTV (@indiewrestling) April 17, 2020 The promotion debuts on March 23rd at […] READ MORE

Danika Della Rouge To Debut in Japan


Earlier this week, the joyous news was shared by Pacific Northwest-based Danika Della Rouge that she will be making her debut in Japan. Meiko Satomura shared the poster for her upcoming anniversary show with Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling on May 17th. This poster revealed that Danika would be part of the talent featured on this […] READ MORE

Robbie Brookside Inducted Into wXw Hall of Fame


This past Saturday, wXw Germany had its 19th Anniversary event. While the event featured the likes of Meiko Satamuro facing Amale for the wXw Women’s Championship, a fatal four-way for the wXw Shotgun Championship between Avalanche, Skillet, Absolute Andy and Veit Muller and a wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship triple threat match between David Starr, […] READ MORE

Preview: PROGRESS – Chapter 99 (12/15/19)


PROGRESS Wrestling brings its brand to Sheffield for one of the best looking Sheffield lineups to date.  PROGRESS Chapter 99 With A Flake, Please features Meiko Satomura defending her women’s championship, Eddie Dennis defends against David Starr, Ilja Dragunov and Cara Noir go at it one more time and much more.  Chapter 99 is sure to help close out the year strong for PROGRESS. Anti […] READ MORE

Preview: DEFY Wrestling – Wrestle Summit II Night One (11/30/19)


On Saturday, November 30th, DEFY Wrestling presents Wrestle Summit II from Washington Hall in Seattle, Washington. This is the first of a two-night event that will see DEFY Wrestling, PCW ULTRA and PROGRESS Wrestling have come together to present a special event that combines excellence, skill and most of all passion. On this first evening, […] READ MORE

Report: NXT Japan Gaining Speed


Rumors and reports out of Japan for the past year has built to the inevitable announcement of NXT’s next foray of expansion, after the launch of NXT UK last fall. While WWE has apparently failed in recent attempts to purchase Pro Wrestling NOAH to help establish the NXT Japan roster, reports are coming in that […] READ MORE

#AndNEW: Two titles Change Hands at Fight Club: PRO


Fight Club PRO (FCP)’s International Tekkers was a newsworthy show as NXT UK tag team champions the Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) appeared, a Sendai Girls invasion was announced for a Manchester show in July and finally, we had two titles change hands on the night The Hunter brothers are here for the Tag Team championship OPEN CHALLENGE.#internationaltekkers pic.twitter.com/0LW53ZEWlH […] READ MORE

Top 50 FREE Women’s Matches of 2018 (Part 2)


Click here for part 1 of this list, where we listed the top 50 through 26 free women’s matches of last year. Before going through the top 25, we want to share a few honorable mentions. These matches all come from promotions that deserve to be on the list for the free content they’ve put […] READ MORE