Why The Final NXT UK Still Matters 

Final NXT UK - Trent Seven vs Tyler Bate graphic

WWE has taken most of the sizzle off the rivalries that will culminate on the final NXT UK. A glance at the card for WWE Worlds Collide confirms the outcome of all the matches on the pre-taped final NXT UK set to air Thursday September 1. 

We’ve seen the build to these NXT Worlds Collide matches on NXT 2.0 spoil the results of the NXT UK Championship match between Tyler Bate and Trent Seven and the NXT UK Women’s Championship No.1 contenders match. 

But the final NXT UK still matters. Here’s why. 

Warning: Spoilers for final NXT UK below 

Why The Final NXT UK Episode Still Matters 

The final NXT UK will give us an indication of any existing talent that might head straight to the main roster and not wait for a rebrand ahead of NXT Europe launching in 2023. It will also celebrate the brand that gave us so much main roster talent such as Rhea Ripley, Butch, Gunther and Doudrop. This alone is why the final NXT UK still matters. But there’s also action to enjoy on the final hour of NXT UK.

Bate vs. Seven 

We know Tyler Bate will defeat longtime friend turned rival Trent Seven for the vacant NXT UK Championship on NXT UK this week. We know this because Bate turned up on NXT 2.0 with the title a few weeks ago. This appearance was to hype his championship unification match at WWE Worlds Collide with NXT Champion Bron Breaker. 

But there are still reasons to enjoy Bate vs. Seven. It is guaranteed to be a banger as Bate and Seven have probably been visualising this match for years. How it plays out will tell us a lot about Seven moving forward. Seven recently announced his departure from the WWE system. This could be all part of the transition to NXT Europe and his return to the company in 2023. 

Main Roster Calling?

There’s a chance Seven could be moved to the main roster. Under Vince McMahon it seemed unlikely that Seven would do anything outside of NXT. Seven stands a better chance of a main roster run with Triple H now heading creative.

If Bate and Seven reconcile after their match and Bate loses to Brekker we could see the pair moved to the main roster as a tag team. But if Seven doesn’t leave NXT UK on good terms with Bate, there’s another more exciting prospect. 

Clash At The Castle 

One of the most hyped matches at WWE Clash At The Castle is Guther (w/ Ludwig Kaiser) vs. Sheamus (w/ Butch & Ridge Holland). Four of the five men in this match came through the NXT UK system which is a testament to its value. An explosion between these five men could set things up nicely for Butch to abandon Sheamus and Ridge and form a partnership with former British Strong Style member Butch. Giving us a new tag team on SmackDown and a way to continue this rivalry.

What Next For the Heritage of NXT UK?

Noam Dar won the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, last week. He also reformed with Sha Samuels in the process. We can expect to hear from Dar on the final NXT UK and see how he plans to defend the championship.

The possibilities are endless. Dar could bide his time and announce he will defend it in NXT Europe. He could decide to take it to NXT 2.0. He could even take it on a tour of the Indies until 2023. 

A Female Farewell

 Meiko Satomura and Mandy Rose are set for a title unification match at WWE Worlds Collide. Blair Davenport has been added to this triple threat NXT Women’s Championship unification match. It seems inevitable that Davenport will win the four-way elimination No.1 Contender’s match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship on the final NXT UK. 

With Satomura and Davenport moving to NXT 2.0, the main interest in this four-way match will be a final look at Amale, Isla Dawn and Eliza Alexander. A long list of NXT UK stars have been released and this show will act as one final goodbye for them all. 

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