Preview: NXT UK (11/4/21) Satomura Faces Biggest Challenge in Jinny

NXT UK Meiko Satomura Jinny

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura will meet her biggest challenge to date when she defends the gold against Jinny, this week. Read our preview to find out everything you need to know before this contest and to what else to expect from the show.

The show will air on Peacock and the WWE Network at 3 PM ET/ 8 PM GMT. Fans in the UK can catch the show a day later on BT Sports.

NXT UK Card (11/4/21) – Meiko Satomura Faces Jinny

  • NXT UK Women’s Championship Match: Meiko Satomura (c) vs Jinny
  • Rampage Brown vs Flash Morgan Webster 

Is Flash Morgan Webster’s Happy Slapping Rampage Over?

In the mid-2000s, happy slapping was a craze that excited bullies and struck terror into everyone else. The craze involved slapping a random passerby and filming it on your mobile phone. Although mainly taking place on the UK high street even TV presenter, pop star and former member of Hear’Say Myleene Class fell victim to a happy slap.

Flash Morgan Webster has been on a one-man mission to bring back the fad. Quick, someone check on the rest of Hear’Say! Luckily, Webster is only targeting fellow wrestlers on the corridors of the BT Sport Studios. Phew. At ease Hear’Say alumni Danny, Kim, Suzanne, and Noel. 

Webster has previously slapped Wolfgang and Sha Samuels. Both men have gone on to beat him in the ring. Last week, Rampage Brown intercepted Webster’s arm as he went to slap him. The two will meet in the ring this week where slaps can be thrown where they belong. 

Meiko Satomura Faces Her Biggest Challenge in Jinny

Nobody on the NXT UK women’s roster has had as good a year as Meiko Satomura. “The Final Boss” made her debut in February against Isla Dawn and quickly went on to feud with Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Satomura lost her first attempt to prise the gold away from KLR in a certified NXT UK match of the year contender. She then won a gauntlet match to earn a second crack at the title. This time, she did win and has been dominant ever since.

Satomura has been presented as a legend. The entire NXT UK women’s roster has gushed over the Japanese legend. So, it is easy to overlook this title defense against Jinny as simply being another step in Satomura extending her run as NXT UK Women’s Champion.  

But – aside from Satomura – Jinny has had the best year in the women’s division. The development of her “Fashionista” persona has been excellent. She has benefitted hugely from adding Joseph Conners as her subservient lackey. Some of her put-downs for both fellow wrestlers and Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala have been so good they would have left viewers clambering for their TV remote so they can rewind the show and listen again. Jinny has also improved vastly in the ring. Jinny will one day hold the NXT UK Women’s Championship. 

The only question is, “is it too soon?” Noam Dar caused a shock when he beat Tyler Bate for his Heritage Cup Championship last week. The shock wasn’t down to Dar’s ability but more that one would assume Bate had been groomed for a lengthy championship reign. 

Jinny did defeat Satomura for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship in 2019. With all that in mind, Jinny could very much take the title from Satomura.

Davenport vs Amale 

Amale made her return to action last week with a convincing victory over Myla Grace. Blair Davenport made an appearance during the match to get a closer look. Though not yet confirmed, we might see Davenport and Amale face off. 

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