Preview: Catalyst Wrestling – The Real Deal (11/5/21)

Catalyst Wrestling The Real Deal
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Catalyst Wrestling has announced eight huge matches, an open challenge, and a title defense by Catalyst Champion Colby Corino for their show this Friday night, and it looks to be a good one. Here’s what to know about Catalyst Wrestling’s The Real Deal.

Catalyst Wrestling: The Real Deal – Full Card

Matt Makowski vs Ray Jaz

Matt Makowski has wowed audiences with his unique and explosive offense. Ray Jaz might be a lesser-known name, but he still has the makings of one of the future greats in professional wrestling with his sheer size and mat-based wrestling style. This is going to be an MMA type of fight and if anyone can take it to Matt Makowski, and perhaps even surprise him at The Real Deal, it will be Ray Jaz.

Social Media Five-Way: Bobby Orlando vs Luke Disangro vs Diego Hill vs Vinny Talotta vs Jay Evans

If a match is considered at face value- such as the belief that The Dudley Boyz would have an advantage in a Tables Match- then it is fairly easy to assume that Bobby Orlando would have the distinct advantage in what is billed as a Social Media Match. The other four competitors in this match seem to have a nonexistent social media presence while Orlando remains of the best accounts to follow on all social media platforms. Some would say that before this match at The Real Deal even starts, Orlando has already won it.

Darius Carter’s Brass Ring Invitational

Darius Carter issuing an open challenge is only unpredictable in who might answer it because so many people must want to, especially within the state of New Jersey. One way to narrow down who may or may not accept the challenge is by finding out where other wrestlers might be on this night. If someone such as Everett Cross, Billy Dixon, Riley Shepard, Erica Leigh, or any number of other wrestlers Carter has been feuding with are not otherwise preoccupied, they might end up fighting for the chance to face him or just all fight him at once. Regardless, this element of surprise has to work against Darius Carter, which means this should be a fun beating to see him take.

Mike Law vs BLK Jeez

Two veterans of professional wrestling that don’t get enough credit, this match is going to be insanely good. Any chance to see BLK Jeez is a good one to take and Mike Law remains one of the most consistent wrestlers throughout the sport. This match is must-see!

Catalyst Wrestling Freestyle Championship: Ghostshadow (c) vs Jordan Oliver

Jordan Oliver recently announced his departure from Major League Wrestling. Coming out of this, one may believe that winning gold is on his radar even more than before. Ghostshadow is Freestyle Champion for a reason, though, and this match is going to be one where we either see a new champion or the current titleholder furthers his legacy.

“Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks vs Ella Envy

Getting into the ring opposite of Bonesaw Brooks is always something that deserves respect, because not everyone is brave enough to do it. That does not mean it is the smartest choice to make, though, and Ella Envy might just find out why that is. Whether it be knockout or tap-out, this match is going to be brutal.

Sapphire TV Title Eliminator Match: Lucky Ali vs O’Shay Edwards vs KTB

Some people out there don’t understand why other people would watch something such as the demolition derby. This match is going to be reminiscent of something you might see at a demolition derby- whether people are a fan of them or not- and it will be full of pure mayhem and destruction. Given the tear he has been on in 2021, it would be wise to put your money on O’Shay Edwards in this match.

Team Loc (HC Loc, Jay Malachi, Jackson Drake) vs Team Mack (Monsta Mack, Boom Harden, Eran Ashe)

This feels like somewhere between an old-school Extreme Championship Wrestling match and an old-school Ring of Honor match. Both HC Loc and Monsta Mack are taking younger wrestlers under their wing here, and with their guidance, this is going to be something special not just for the past or the present but because of what it signifies going into the future.

Homicide vs Wrecking Ball Legursky

Homicide has been on the opposite side of the ring against many different opponents. Many wrestlers fear Homicide and the damage he can cause. At Catalyst Wrestling’s The Real Deal, will be across the ring from a Wrecking Ball. While others might have felt scared, this is going to be more like Homicide hitting a brick wall, and brick walls don’t have any fear. Whether or not Homicide can overcome the insurmountable odds here remains to be seen, but against Wrecking Ball Legursky, it does seem as if Homicide is the one with an uphill battle.

Sapphire TV Championship: Steve Gibki (c) vs Trey Miguel

In a match that was originally to feature Mance Warner, Trey Miguel stepped in when “Ol’ Mancer” suffered an injury. Miguel is the current IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, so you can bet he’s looking to add more gold to his collection. This will be a match where Steve Gibki has to showcase why he is the Sapphire TV Champion or risk losing it all.

First-Ever SLAM JAM MATCH for the Catalyst Championship: 2 Infinity & The Pond (c) vs. The Rep vs. Hudson County Horror Show vs. Anthony Gangone & Big Game Leroy vs. Hot Boiz International

Five tag teams compete for the gold, and out of all of them, it seems like The Rep would have the tag team advantage. Anthony Gangone and Big Game Leroy are champions in other promotions while Lucky 13 and Eric Martin are also worthy contenders. The team of Devantes and El Oso Blanco might be the sleeper team of this match, surprising everyone with a victory based on their size and toughness. However, you can never underestimate Rob Killjoy and Timmy Lou Retton, who are going into this match with the titles and will do all they can to retain them as well. This match will need to be watched back several times to make sure every moment is captured as it has a lot of moving parts.

The Real Deal takes place on Friday, November 5, 2021, in Ridgefield Park, NJ. For tickets and more information please visit:

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