Preview: Proving Ground – ElkMania 8 (10/23/21)

Proving Ground ElkMania 8

Proving Ground is back with ElkMania 8, featuring a full card for all of your wrestling needs. Tickets for this show are just $12 in advance ($15 at the door) but there are also front row seats available for only $20, which also gets you an event-specific poster (which can be viewed on Instagram) as well as an exclusive trading card (which can be viewed on Facebook). Let’s get into the action.

ElkMania 8 Full Card

Theodore J Liftington Richard Ripley

Theodore J Liftington vs “Relentless” Richard Ripley

In what promises to be a clash of styles, this match should be entertaining. Richard Ripley is “Relentless” and Theodore J. Liftington looks insufferable. Hopefully, Ripley can get a quick win here.

Bullet Joe Corinne Mink

Bullet Joe vs “Legit Hoss” Corinne Mink

Bullet Joe is a wrestler who is on the smaller side. Corinne Mink is a hoss that could easily send Joe over the Beverly Line into Salem. This match should be a lot of fun for everyone except Bullet Joe.

Sean Leiter Tom Billington The Middlesex Express

New England Tag Team Championship: Sean Leiter & Tom Billington (c) vs The Middlesex Express (“Right Stuff” Steven Lust & “Hot Rod” Steven Broad)

In the first of two tag team title matches on this show, the team of Sean Leiter (perhaps best known for coming out with a plastic baseball bat with building blocks on it) and Tom Billington look to successfully defend the New England Tag Team Championship against The Middlesex Express. The Middlesex Express are looking to reclaim the gold, but Leiter and Billington will do all they can in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Ichiban Elijah Six Sammy Diaz

Ichiban, Sammy Diaz, Elijah Six vs The Dirt City Murder Crue (Mike Montero, Ricky Medeiros, Jamie Tucker)

Apparently, in the Proving Ground Universe, The Firm (aka Sammy Diaz and Elijah Six) are cheered. They will team with perpetual fan favorite Ichiban to take on The Dirt City Murder Crue, which is just three guys who all happen to look like they really need a bath. Hopefully, The Firm and Ichiban will not only secure the win here but put on that hand sanitizer.

Jason Devine Mike Graca ElkMania 8

Jason Devine vs “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca

Mike Graca is the closest character on this show to being part of Halloween. However, overall, Graca is someone whom his opponents should be very afraid of! All that needs to be said about Jason Devine is that he better have his life insurance policy up to date.

Hispanic Mechanics Da Hoodz ElkMania 8

PG Tag Team Championship: The Hispanic Mechanics (c) vs Da Hoodz

This is the second of the tag team title matches this evening. The Hispanic Mechanics have a way of working together that few tag teams out there can combat. Da Hoodz might just be one of the few teams which can meet them on that level. No matter how fast the Hispanic Mechanics can go through, it all becomes meaningless when you hit a brick wall.

Calvin Campbell Frank Bones

Last Call Match for the PG DLC Championship: “Foxy” Calvin Campbell (c) vs Frank Bones

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell recently became the PG DLC Champion, which allows him the right to decide the match stipulation for his defense. The “Last Call Match” essentially dictates that, in order to win, Calvin Campbell must either knock out his opponent, tap him out, or make him quit. When thinking of opponents who could do just that, Frank Bones is not the wrestler Campbell would like to have opposite the ring from him. This will be the very definition of knock down drag-out fight.

Proving Ground ElkMania 8

Title Unification Match: “Insane” Dick Lane (All-Star Champion) vs “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer (Bay State Champion)

These two titles are going to be merged into one and this meeting feels a lot like the first time Hulk Hogan wrestled Ric Flair. “Insane” Dick Lane has been heavily featured in the New England area, even going so far as to be part of the Wrestlers’ Lab over on IWTV. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer is champion for a reason though. Come Saturday night, it will be a matter of whether or not Spencer can back up that talk inside the ring. This will be a classic affair for the ages!

There are also the two ElkMania 8 pre-show bouts of Freakin Flax vs Burke Beckett and Joey Warner vs John Steele!

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