Preview: Limitless Wrestling – Fresh Blood (10/23/21)

Limitless Wrestling Fresh Blood
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Fresh Blood is a show where new faces can debut for Limitless Wrestling and also those who haven’t been seen in a while can make their return. Let’s run down the card.

Limitless Wrestling – Fresh Blood Full Card

Ace Romero KC Navarro

Ace Romero vs KC Navarro

Ace Romero is perhaps the most agile big man in all of professional wrestling. The speed and high flying tactics of KC Navarro might not be enough for him to overcome this challenge. Fans in attendance will likely be curious as to how far Navarro will travel if given the pounce by Romero and the world might just find out.

Prestigious vs Waves N Curls and Love, Doug

Prestigious vs Waves N Curls and Love, Doug

Without the leadership of Jon Alba (Thank you, Davienne) it can be speculated that Prestigious are ripe for the picking as the team of Waves N Curls and Love, Doug could score the victory here, kicking them while they are down. It would also just be nice to see the members of Prestigious kicked while they are down.

Nolo Kitano and Mane Event vs Troy Nelson and MSP

Nolo Kitano and Mane Event vs Troy Nelson and MSP

MSP and Mane Event will meet once again – for the second day in a row – as they add Troy Nelson and Nolo Kitano to the mix. Whichever team comes up victorious the night before at Pro Wrestling GRIND could have the advantage in this match or they might just be able to regroup and figure out a new way to win. Regardless, this promises to be an amazing match.

Fresh Blood Big Beef Davey Richards

Big Beef vs Davey Richards

When Davey Richards came back to professional wrestling earlier this year, whoever came up with a list of dream opponents for him must have had Big Beef on that list. This match is going to be violent and these two wrestlers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Alec Price JT Dunn

Alec Price vs JT Dunn

It has been confirmed that the winner of this match will receive a title shot against Limitless World Champion Anthony Greene. While JT Dunn and AG have a bit of history, Alec Price has more momentum than perhaps anyone else in all of Limitless Wrestling right now. Either of these competitors would be a solid match for Greene, but Price just seems to want it a little bit more.

Fresh Blood Charles Mason Davienne

Charles Mason vs Davienne

Charles Mason has been a villain everywhere he has gone. The Limitless roster members are no strangers to the type of violence and mayhem he can produce. One thing Charles Mason hasn’t done yet is face someone such as Davienne; this also happens to be a Davienne coming off a recent victory that keeps Jon Alba out of Limitless for the rest of the year. Hopefully, during this match, Davienne can put a DaviEND to Mason once and for all.

Limitless Wrestling Fresh Blood

Becca vs Trish Adora

Becca certainly has to be a top-list contender for having the best rookie year of any wrestler out there in 2021. At the same time, Trish Adora is having the best year of any professional wrestler who isn’t a rookie in 2021. As Adora makes her Limitless debut at Fresh Blood, this is certain to be something special, a match wrestling fans talk about for a long time to come.

Fresh Blood takes place on 10/23/21 live from Yarmouth, ME. For more info, please visit

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