Gail Kim and Awesome Kong Make Surprise Appearances at NWA EmPowerrr

Gail Kim Awesome Kong Empowerrr
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NWA EmPowerrr saw a number of surprise appearances from women’s wrestling across all eras. Gail Kim, the 9x IMPACT Knockouts Champion, made one such appearance to address the audience at The Chase in St. Louis, Missouri. Before she could get far in her speech, however, she was interrupted by the trio of Paola Mayfield, Jennacide, and Taryn Terrell. Taking the mic, Terrell told Kim, in that gleeful way that only she knows how, to leave her ring. When Kim refused, it seemed that she was about to be on the receiving end of a three-on-one attack. That was, until, Awesome Kong made the second surprise appearance, coming to the aid of Gail Kim against the nefarious trio. Kong took the fight to said trio, even pulling out her trademark Implant Buster, the live crowd positively receptive all the while.

Once the ring was cleared of Mayfield, Jennacide, and Terrell, Awesome Kong stared down Gail Kim. After said staredown, Kim stepped into the ring before Kong took a mic. Kong addressed her former professional wrestling rival, expressing just how much Kim meant to her. Kong also mentioned that she was stepping away from professional wrestling and that she wanted to go out with Kim. The two then shared a heartfelt embrace in the center of the ring, tears streaming down their faces. This was an emotional moment that capped off what many longtime wrestling fans would consider one of the best feuds in women’s wrestling.

When one thinks of memorable feuds in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and IMPACT Wrestling by extension, few stand out to the degree Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong does. The two have waged war for the TNA Women’s Knockouts title, later to be known as the IMPACT Knockouts title, during the late 2000s. Whether on TNA IMPACT or the company’s various pay-per-view events – their encounter at Final Resolution 2008 is a particularly highly-rated match – their matches set a new standard for professional wrestling during this era.

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