Space Pirates Mutiny: Shane Sabre Turns on Space Monkey

Space Pirates Break Up
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One of the top tag teams in the Canadian and United States independent wrestling scenes over the past few years has finally imploded. Space Pirates, the multi-time tag champions in two countries that feature Shane Sabre and Space Monkey, is seemingly no more, following the turn of Shane Sabre at Alpha-1 Wrestling in Canada on Saturday when Shane Sabre joined Fight or Flight‘s Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo in attacking Space Monkey post-match.

Space Pirates formed in 2018 in Glory Pro in the U.S. indies, and over the past few years, the unorthodox tag team has captured multiple tag team titles – in the U.S., they are former Black Label Pro and Freelance Wrestling Tag Team Champions, while in their native Canada, they’ve held tag team gold in Capital City Championship Combat (C4), Alpha-1, Barrie Wrestling, and Demand Lucha (where they’re the current reigning tag team champions). Now on separate spectrums, Shane Sabre and Space Monkey will return to singles action, where they both had success prior to teaming up – Sabre is a former Superkick’D Champion and A1 Zero Gravity Champion, while Space Monkey held the CHIKARA Young Lions Champion and also an A1 Zero Gravity Champion.

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