Preview: NXT UK (8/26/2021) – Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey III

Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey 3 Graphic
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NXT UK will put to rest two of its most intense rivalries this week. Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey face off in a third and deciding contest with an interesting stipulation, and Jinny and Aoife Valkyrie will meet in a no-DQ match. Find out all the information on these matches and what else we could expect in our preview of NXT UK this week. 

Announced NXT UK Card (8/26/2021) – Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey 3

  • Submission or Knockout Match: Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey
  • No-DQ Match (Joseph Conners locked in a Shark Cage): Jinny vs. Aoife Valkyrie 
  • Heritage Cup No1. Contender Tournament First Round Match: Kenny Williams vs. Oliver Carter 

Can Valkyrie Finally Get The Better Of Jinny?

Jinny has been verbally putting down Aoife Valkyrie for a while now. The Fashionista claims Valkyrie is nothing but a weak little girl and came close to proving this when she beat her a few weeks ago. But Jinny’s victory was hugely aided by constant interference from Joseph Conners. This time, Conners will be locked in a shark cage and there will be no disqualification. 

Valkyrie will hope these factors will help her score a win over her arch-rival. Jinny will hope to show that even without her henchman’s help she’s got Valkyrie’s number.   

Heritage Cup No.1 Contender Tournament Continues

Last week, we saw a vignette to hype the first-round contest in the NXT UK Heritage Cup No.1 Contender Tournament between Kenny Williams and Oliver Carter. So we can expect to enjoy this match this week on NXT UK this week. Williams has undergone a decent transformation since turning his back on tag team partner Amir Jordan and forcing him to leave NXT UK for good. Carter could shock us but it seems likely the Scum of the Earth Kenny Williams will be moving forward to the next round.  

Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey III: Submission or Knockout

This feud goes back to February when Rampage Brown convincingly defeated Joe Coffey. The pair spent months in agreement they had unfinished business and met again in June. This time, Coffey came out on top. Coffey and Rampage were set to settle their score until Ilja Dragunov interjected him in their match. Dragunov won the triple threat and went on to defeat WALTER for the NXT UK Championship. Now, Rampage Brown vs. Coffey III will happen but under the rules of knockout or submission only.

The winner will surely look to challenge Dragunov for his newly won NXT UK Championship. It’ll probably be too early to see Dragunov back in the UK but we can expect a recap of his famous victory over WALTER.

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