Lulu Pencil Announces Excursion to America on ChocoPro #144, Will Join Emi Sakura

Lulu Pencil
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ChocoPro #144 marked both the conclusion of season 8 and the final episode of Emi Sakura prior to her excursion to America and, specifically, All Elite Wrestling. Following the main event, which saw Sakura team with Masahiro Takanashi to face Best Bros, Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki, several announcements were made. Among these was Lulu Pencil announcing that she, too, had a ticket to America. It was then officially revealed that she would be joining Sakura on her excursion, serving in an assistant role to her mentor. It’s unknown how long they will be abroad. Following ChocoPro #144, “Lulu Pencil Announces Excursion to America” became the headline for many.

Lulu Pencil Announces Excursion to America

It’s important to keep in mind that this will be the first time that Lulu Pencil has traveled to America during her wrestling career. She began wrestling in 2019 as one of the members of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling‘s fourth generation of rookies, a class that includes current stars Sayaka, Sayuri, Tokiko Kirihara, and Chie Koishikawa. Only a few months following her official debut, Lulu Pencil was invited to be part of Pro-Wrestling: EVE‘s SHE-1 tour, wrestling a special singles match against Mei Suruga. Slowly, but surely, the Pencil Army commanding officer built a devoted following.

Following the formation of ChocoPro in early 2020, Lulu Pencil became a consistent character on the show. She would also develop her own Pencil Army faction, including Emi Sakura (“Emi Pencil”), Minoru Fujita (“Mino Pencil”), and for a brief period, Chris Brookes (“Chris Pencil”). Her most prominent storyline featured Brookes, who she not only teamed with but developed a fierce rivalry opposite of. Though Lulu Pencil has yet to pick up an official singles victory, she scored a pinfall over Brookes during their 30-minute Iron Man Match on ChocoPro #137.

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