IWA To Welcome Fans Back in Puerto Rico for IWA Summer Attitude

IWA Summer Attitude Richard Holliday Mr Big Savio Vega

Following their very successful pre-taped iPPV debut this past Saturday, IWA Puerto Rico wasted no time in announcing their follow-up. Summer Attitude is recognized as one of the IWA’s hallmark events from its heyday in the early 2000s. IWA Summer Attitude is also scheduled to be the first show for any major wrestling promotion on the island of Puerto Rico to feature fans in attendance since February 2019.

IWA Summer Attitude – What to Know

This event is scheduled to air live on pay-per-view this coming Saturday, August 14 from Warehouse 24. It will showcase the IWA’s revitalization since the World Wrestling Council seemingly cut ties with them as the company finally seems to partially move away from its seemingly obsessive “bid for control” story between Savio Vega, politician Fernando Tonos and lead heel Manny Ferno that has been going on since the company restarted in early 2018. We will now see much more variety in terms of stars showcased and major storylines. Fans planning to attend live must have their vaccination papers at hand to enter, as is the case with all major events including WWE, which returns in October for a house show.

IWA Summer Attitude will see Richard Holliday‘s first title defense since winning the IWA World Heavyweight title at their last PPV as well as formally re-introduce El Chicano, one of Puerto Rico’s most decorated wrestlers as well as a multi-time former world champion. The card is as follows:

Full Card

IWA Summer Attitude Richard Holliday Mr Big Savio Vega

IWA World Heavyweight Championship: Richard Holliday (c) vs Mr. Big (Guest Referee: Savio Vega)

Savio Vega as referee opens the door for many shenanigans to follow. Richard Holliday has already mentioned his plans to take the title to Major League Wrestling as he has already done before with the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship. Court Bauer already appearing and mentioning an alliance may open the door to see IWA’s talent follow after Holliday. Mr. Big is probably one of the best options to showcase, being a very tall and imposing wrestler who has shown great athleticism over the years.

Manny Ferno Lightning

First-Blood Match for the IWA Intercontinental Championship: Manny Ferno (c) vs Lightning

Lightning was taken out of the IWA World Heavyweight Championship match at the Gran Amenaza PPV due to being bloodied backstage by Manny Ferno. As such, general manager Chicky Starr ordered this title match for IWA Summer Attitude. When Ferno defended the title on IWA’s weekly program, it resulted in a brawl. Ferno summoned his faction of wrestlers to bail him out. However, he was met with resistance and attacked by Lightning.

Savio Vega Joe Bravo

Savio Vega vs Joe Bravo

A feud from IWA’s heyday, Vega and Joe Bravo battled many times over the IWA World Heavyweight Championship. IWA’s part-owner Fernando Tonos continues his crusade against Savio Vega by putting this new obstacle. Recently, Bravo created his own faction, La Supremacia del Pancrasio, who will without a doubt aid him in this match.

IWA Summer Attitude

IWA Tag Team Championship: The Owners of Time (Nick Mercer & Leinord White) (c) vs Los Fugitivos (Lynx & Niche)

This is a rematch from the last PPV, where the former CWA tag team debuted and surprised the now-former champions. They would then align themselves with Manny Ferno. There isn’t much to the story. However, it’s refreshing to see two notable tag teams getting to showcase their craft. The island has been barren in that regard since the sad and untimely end of WWL, where tag team wrestling was the company’s forte for years.

Vassago Aiden Grimm

Vassago vs Aiden Grimm

Aiden Grimm had an opportunity at the world title following his big win of the Chicky Starr Cup at Gran Amenaza but came just short. However, Fernando Tonos is still not a fan of his for his babyface alignment. As such, he is paying Vassago to try to take Grimm out. Much like the Chicky Starr Cup match at the last show, this is also clearly a showcase for the fast-growing star. However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a victory.

IWA Summer Attitude

Manu, Edrax & Adam Riggs vs Jay Cobs, Jax & John Hawking

This is a simple trios match, though it features the debut of a very talented Espiritu Dojo student in Manu. The final WWL Cruiserweight Champion, and current titleholder at the Espiritu Dojo, has been a fast-growing student the past 3 years. Manu teams with two of his fellow alumni to face off against one of the world title challengers at the last show in Jay Cobs, as well as the other two members of Joe Bravo’s La Supremacia del Pancrasio faction.

Chicano On The Hot Seat

Chicano will be featured in an interview segment, as he’s already aligned himself with Savio Vega. Additionally, Chicano has targeted the current Intercontinental Champion, Manny Ferno.

The event will be available on iPPV via IWA’s official website, at $20, starting at 8 PM on www.iwapuertorico.com/ippv.

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