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#AndNEW: Richard Holliday Wins IWA World Heavyweight Championship at La Gran Amenaza

Richard Holliday IWA World Heavyweight Championship

During the events of IWA Puerto Rico‘s La Gran Amenaza iPPV event through their website, the former IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday took up the IWA World Heavyweight Championship match’s stipulation that former champions are free to enter the match. As such, the Major League Wrestling star appeared and inserted himself, as well as other unannounced participants.

The match was promoted as being the IWA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Big vs Lightning vs Jay Cobbs vs Joe Bravo vs Spectro. The stipulation of this match, as mentioned earlier, was that former champions could enter the fray. Just weeks prior, King Muertes, known in the IWA as Ricky Banderas for many years, teased being a part of the match. Little did fans know that they would see a different MLW wrestler.

Prior to the match taking place, Court Bauer appeared in a pre-taped promo congratulating Savio Vega on the success of the event and re-affirming that there is a working alliance between the two.

Richard Holliday is the seventh non-Puerto Rican champion behind the likes of the late Bison Smith, Mikael Judas, and inaugural IWA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Glamour Boy” Shane Sewell. Holliday is the 76th champion. He is presumable set to have his first title defense at IWA’s next iPPV event, Summer Attitude, on August 14.

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