Alex Colon Wins GCW Tournament of Survival 666, Challenges Nick Gage

Alex Colon GCW Tournament of Survival 666

Earlier today, Game Changer Wrestling held its Tournament of Survival 666 event. The wrestlers involved were ToS veteran and GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon, Bam Sullivan, Nolan EdwardOrin Veidt, G-Raver, 1 Called Manders, EFFY, and Atticus Cogar. Following multiple matches featuring steel chairs, light tubes, broken glass, and everything in between, the finals saw Colon face Cogar. In what was arguably the most grueling match of the entire event, it was Colon that emerged the victor of the GCW Tournament of Survival 666.

Alex Colon and Atticus Cogar alike entered this match with previous Tournament of Survival experience. As a member of Rickey Shane Page‘s 44OH, Cogar previously competed in the Tournament of Survival 5. The young “Silver Teeth Satan” made it to the semifinals where he was ultimately defeated by, ironically enough, Colon. Meanwhile, the veteran Colon entered this tournament as a two-time ToS winner, having won it in both 2019 and 2020. The finals of this tournament couldn’t have been more important to both men. For Cogar, it would carve his name in the history books of GCW. For Colon, a win would make him an illustrious three-time ToS winner.

As one would expect from Alex Colon, he performed with grit, defeating Bam Sullivan in their first-round Bundles of Hate Match. From there, Colon battled Nolan Edward in their semifinal match; once again, the ToS veteran came out on top. Meanwhile, Atticus Cogar bested 1 Called Manders in their first-round Bunkhouse Death Match. Later in the semifinals, Cogar overcame G-Raver, though not without unexpected assistance from the latter’s long-time adversary, Jimmy Lloyd. With these victories decided, the final match, surrounded by light tubes, between the nefarious Colon and never-say-die Cogar was set. Presenting the Tournament of Survival 666 trophy to the winner would be “Sick” Nick Mondo, set to be inducted in the GCW Deathmatch Hall of Fame.

Cogar’s villainy was on display at the onset, attacking Colon, who shook Mondo’s hand in a show of respect. It didn’t take long for the aforementioned light tubes to come into play, whether used as weapons or when wrestlers were whipped into them. From there, barbed wire, which Cogar had a personal encounter with in his first-round match, came into the equation. Even a bundle of light tubes, fastened together, became a weapon of choice by Colon. Rather, it was until the light tubes in question disintegrated upon impact. Throughout the match, both finalists took part in bloodletting.

One of the most notable spots of the match saw Cogar drive Colon through a glass pane table, eliciting a raucous reaction from the crowd in The Showboat. Another notable spot featured Colon, who fought back, executing a top rope Spanish Fly, pinning a light tube on Cogar’s back as they crashed onto the shattered glass below. Even after planting Cogar with a Styles Clash from the middle rope, through a glass pane situated atop two steel chairs, Colon was unable to put “Silver Teeth Satan” away. The shifting crowd reaction seemed to indicate that fans had become more split between the two finalists. The match concluded when, despite being attacked by a weedwhacker, Colon caught Cogar with a camel clutch, causing the latter to pass out. Alex Colon was declared the winner of the GCW Tournament of Survival 666.

Physically exhausted, Colon celebrated in the center of the ruined ring, the Tournament of Survival 666 trophy in his possession. No one in wrestling had accomplished what he did in this event. Chants of “You Deserve It” and “Best in the World” rang throughout the venue. He took to the mic, issuing a challenge to the current GCW World Champion Nick Gage, who was on commentary for this show, in a title vs. title bout. Expect Colon to face Gage in the near future.

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