Dario Cueto Revealed as “El Jefe” On MLW FUSION

Dario Cueto El Jefe MLW

On this week’s edition of MLW FUSION, prior to the show’s brief hiatus, viewers were given a major exclusive. In particular, she shed light on the identity of Azteca Underground‘s “El Jefe.” Since the faction’s formation, fans wondered who was the puppet master of sorts, pulling the proverbial strings. Finally, all the answers were revealed. “El Jefe” himself proved to be none other than the former proprietor of Lucha Underground, Dario Cueto. He’s building a temple, and in his words, this will require sacrifices.

Dario Cueto was portrayed as the seedy owner and operator of Lucha Underground, a TV show on El Rey Network. It ran from October of 2014 to November of 2018, lasting a total of four seasons. Cueto was one of the consistent presences on the show, organizing shows and putting together matches that viewers and himself would watch. Though he was portrayed as an arrogant, underhanded entrepreneur, the character became a fan favorite. His charisma and insatiable love for violence made him one of the most popular wrestling characters for a time.

Now that the identity of “El Jefe” has been revealed, what awaits Major League Wrestling? Despite the eventual failings of Lucha Underground, it cannot be denied that he is an ambitious businessman. What will this new temple, under the guidance of Dario Cueto, look like? Be sure to tune into MLW FUSION when it returns on July 10.

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