Match Point: Atsushi Kotoge vs Nioh

Atsushi Kotoge vs Nioh

Atsushi Kotoge is a well-decorated junior heavyweight. He is a former 7-time GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, Former IPW UK Junior Heavyweight Champion, and held the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship on 2 separate occasions. However the last time he held that belt was in 2016, and he has a chance to add another reign to his legacy. However, odds didn’t look as if they were in his favor opposing defending champion, Seiki Yoshioka. Yoshioka was making his first defense and was on a roll, however lightning struck. Atsushi Kotoge defeated Seiki Yoshioka and won the Junior Heavyweight Championship.

At Korakuen Hall the new champion led a group of young NOAH borns into battle. On the opposite side of the ring were three KONGOH juniors all gunning for the new Champion. The one who got the right to step up was the man who won for his team. Nioh, who is a former 3-time GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion in his own right and a longtime Junior in NOAH who has failed at capturing the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship.  Nioh stated that he thinks he can beat the new champion with ease. Nioh hasn’t challenged for the gold since his last challenge against Kotoge’s tag partner, Daisuke Harada back in 2018. Now he has his chance once again.

The two men faced off in various preview tags in the lead-up to the title match. With Kotoge winning the first with a victory over Nioh. However, Nioh proved to be a threat by getting a direct and decisive win over Kotoge in the following preview. Under the bright lights of Korakuen Hall on April 18, 2021, will Nioh realize his destiny, or will Atsushi Kotoge continue to lead the NOAH juniors?

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