Dragon Gate News: Open The Triangle Gate #1 Contenders Tournament (02/20/21)

Dragon Gate Open The Triangle Gate Championship

Dragon Gate has their big Champion Gate in Osaka show almost filled out, at least as far as championship matches go. However, something remained missing: no challenger had stepped forward to face the reformed Natural Vibes. They have been on quite the roll as of late. Enter the recently announced four-team Open The Triangle Gate Championship number one contenders’ tournament. The matches will be determined at the top of the show on the 21st, when the opening round will take place. The finals will take place on the 23rd. Both shows will be available for viewing. Here are the teams involved.

Ryo Saito, Punch Tominaga, and Bokutimo Dragon

This Team Boku trio hasn’t had a very eventful start to 2021. Bokutimo Dragon has gotten to team with his idols and has a few wins under his belt. However, they haven’t had any real success this year. Naruki Doi was injured to start the year, which already was a huge blow for them. Doi was arguably the anchor of the team and their biggest weapon. Punch Tominaga lost three separate matches against Open The Brave Gate Champion, Keisuke Okuda. To cap it all off, Ryo Saito and Bokutimo Dragon failed in the opening round of the Open The Twin Gate Championship one-day number one contenders’ tournament. Thus, this team has their back against the wall right now. This group has been trying to reach their potential; can they do so by becoming the contenders for the Open The Triangle Gate Belts?

Shuji Kondo, Yosuke♡Maria, and Kagetora

Shuji Kondo,Yosuke♡Maria, and Kagetora is a true dark horse team. As their former factions recently disbanded, these three individuals came together to form a very formidable team. The delinquent King Kong, Shuji Kondo, has yet to be directly defeated since his return to Dragon Gate last year. Coming off of the finals of the previously mentioned Twin Gate tournament, he’s got a lot of momentum. He is joined by Maria and Kagetora, who revived their Kage♡Maria tag team from their Tribe Vanguard days. During that same tournament, they met Kondo in the first round. They seem to be sticking together again. Now joined by Kondo, they could definitely come away with the win.

Hip Hop Kikuta, Diamanté, and Dia Inferno

This trio is representing R.E.D., known to monopolize the Open The Triangle Gate Championship. Depending on how this tournament unfolds, they very well could do it again. Diamanté technically never lost the Triangle Gate belts, as he had to vacate due to injury. Afterward, he was replaced by SBKENTo. This is the first chance to chase a shot at gold for Dia Inferno and Hip Hop Kikuta. Additionally, this is one of the more interesting trios, because there is no telling what they’ll bring to the table. Of course, Kikuta and Diamanté will bring some freakish strength. Combine this with the unknown mystique of Dia Inferno and anything is possible with this trio.

Jason Lee, Kota Minoura, and La Estrella

This Masquerade trio is probably the odds-on favorite team to win this tournament. Jason Lee is coming off a string of tough losses recently, though this shouldn’t fool anyone. Lee and Kota Minoura emerged as one of the top tag teams in Dragon Gate last year with their reign as Open The Twin Gate Champions. Along with the rookie sensation, La Estrella, this is a dangerous trio. La Estrella brings innovation and must-see action in between the ropes. However, what makes him truly exciting also makes him the most dangerous. There still isn’t much known about La Estrella, so he can bring out something new at any given time. Lee and Minoura will use their tag experience. To incorporate their already brewing chemistry with La Estrella may create a winning combination.

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