Top 5 Joshi Matches Of The Month (December 2020)

Recommended Joshi Matches

The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to Pure-J and everywhere in between.

Important Note: Due to some matches not airing as of the time of writing some presumably great Joshi matches can’t be ranked.  Also due to the recent PPV Model adopted by a number of promotions we are unable to see every event.  Notable exclusions from this list include RibbonMania 2020

Honorable Mentions

Syuri vs Giulia, Sakura Hirota vs Nagisa Nozaki, Mayu Iwatani & Saya Iida & Starlight Kid vs Tam Nakano & Unagi Sayaka & Mina Shirakawa, Hibiki & Sareee vs Mio Momono & Yumi Ohka

5. AZM vs Mei Hoshizuki

AZM vs Mei Hoshizuki

These two teenagers put on an excellent display of High Speed pro wrestling.  The work was crisp and high paced as one would expect from this title.  What took this over the top were the flash pinfall exchanges.  Marvelous is a company known for its flash pinfalls so we were hooked to every roll-up as it was very likely Hoshizuki could pull off the upset with one.  Watching live and unspoiled we were jumping out of our seat with excitement during the closing stretch.

Link To Watch: Stardom World (Full Show)

4. Momo Watanabe & Syuri vs Giulia & Utami Hayashishita

Utami Hayashishita & Giulia vs Syuri & Momo Watanabe Joshi Matches

These four women delivered an excellent tag team match as a prelude to Osaka Dream Cinderella.  Specifically, the interactions between Syuri and Giulia were excellent in this match as those two waged war on one another with strikes, kicks, and one of the most sickening headbutts Giulia has ever hit.  Hayashishita and Watanabe held up their end of the deal in this match with their exchanges but it was Giulia and Syuri that stole the show with their wince-inducing battle

Link to watch: Stardom World

3. Yoshiko & Saree vs Ryo Mizunami & Nanae Takahashi

Sareee & Yoshiko vs Ryo Mizunami & Nanae Takahashi Nanae Takahashi return match

Admittedly we had to watch this one twice.  The first time around it felt underwhelming but on rewatch we realized that this match was a victim of expectations.  All four definitely have a better match in them but this one was still an aggressive tag team match filled with all of the stiff wrestling you’ve come to expect from SEAdLINNNG

2. Utami Hayashishita vs Momo Watanabe

Utami Hayashishita vs Momo Watanabe

Momo Watanabe took the fight to her less-experienced teammate in her chase of the World Of Stardom Championship.  Watanabe looked to be one step ahead of Hayashishita at every step of the game and looked to have the match won at one point with an incredible near fall off of a Peach Sunrise.  Hayashishita powered through and came away with the end to deliver her second straight great main event in a row.

Link To Watch: Stardom World (Full Show)

1. Hanako Nakamori vs Ayako Sato

Hanako Nakamori vs Ayako Sato Joshi Matches

Two of the best Joshi wrestlers outside of the big 3 collided in an excellent match.  This was no-nonsense,  no-frills pro wrestling where they both set out to beat one another up.  Nakamori was absolutely on her game with her kicks and looked to have the match won a number of times with her kicks.  Sato resolved and fought back with equal vigor to get the win and retain her championship

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