Top 5 Joshi Matches Of The Month (November 2020)

Recommended Joshi Matches

The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to Pure-J and everywhere in between.

Important Note (Due to some matches not airing as of the time of writing some presumably great Joshi matches can’t be ranked)

Honorable Mentions 

Suzu Suzuki vs Tomoka Inaba, Giulia vs Konami, (Hibiki, Maria & Tomoka Watanabe) vs (Mikoto Shindo, Masha Slamovich & Rin Kadokura), Suzu Suzuki vs Tae Honma, Hanako Nakamori vs Rina Yamashita

5. Miyuki Takase vs Akane Fujita

Joshi Matches

It is well known that we here at LWOS Pro Wrestling love some hard-hitting, no-nonsense pro wrestling.  That is exactly what Fujita and Takase delivered here.  This didn’t have much of a story or vitriol behind it but the effort of both performers to deliver a stiff title match

4. Momo Watanabe & AZM vs Starlight Kid & Mayu Iwatani

Four of Stardom’s top talents delivered a hell of a sprint here.  The winning team knew they would have to wrestle a second time later in the show so both teams were chasing the win right from the beginning.  All four got time to showcase their skills and delivered the best match from the Goddess Of Stardom Tag League.

Link To Watch: Stardom World

3. Sareee & Maki Itoh vs Miyu Yamashita & Aja Kong

Joshi Matches

This match was fantastic from start to finish. Early on Itoh’s attempts to fend off Kong carried the match as the monstrous legend used her strikes to keep Itoh down. Once Itoh fought back we got Sareee and Yamashita going at it which was easily the highlight of the match. Things broke down for the final stretch but all four continued to deliver a coherent match with a good pace and great wrestling

Link to watch: Wrestleuniverse

2. Utami Hayashishita vs Mayu Iwatani

Sendai Cinderella

Utami Hayashishita and Mayu Iwatani delivered an excellent World Of Stardom title match at Sendai Cinderella.  Both women brought their best and delivered a match that had everything you could want from a big-time main event.  While nothing in particular stood out about this match it delivered excellent pro wrestling

Link To Watch: Stardom World

1. Yuka Sakazaki vs Mizuki

This match was hard to rank as non-TJPW fans have been underwhelmed upon watching this match.  That said, TJPW fans are raving about this match and many have given it the full 5 stars and consider it a Match Of The Year.  With such high marks, we’d be crazy not to give this match the top spot for November.  While being a TJPW fan makes this match a more emotive experience the wrestling itself is great.  Mizuki and Sakazaki did everything you could ask for such a big main event.

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