Preview: ICW Fight Club (12/12/20) – Lionheart League Continues

ICW DCT Ian Skinner Lionheart League

Another packed edition of Insane Championship Wrestling‘s (ICW) Fight Club hits the WWE Network tomorrow evening, a night that will see further action in the ongoing Lionheart League to eventually crown a number one contender to Noam Dar‘s ICW World Heavyweight Championship further down the line. The announced card for the show, at the time of writing, is as follows:

Lionheart League – Block B: Ian Skinner vs. DCT

Lionheart League – Block C: Jack Jester vs. Luca de Pazzi

The Lionheart League Develops

Since Fight Club returned, the Lionheart League has been at the forefront of the company, as the battle to crown Noam Dar’s first World Heavyweight Championship challenger rolls on. A Block B bout set for this week’s episode sees ‘Kickass’ Ian Skinner taking on DCT, a match that theoretically means nothing as far as the points standing is concerned. DCT already has four points, having defeated both Jason Reed and Alexander Darwin MacAllan, whereas Skinner has no points at all – he’s mathematically eliminated from the tournament. Even if he goes to a draw with ‘The International Sex Hero’, whereby both men earn a single point each, Ian still has no way of advancing to the round of eight. Whoever comes out victorious between Reed and MacAllan in their eventual clash will be the man who joins DCT in the quarterfinals as Block B representatives.

Aside from Block B, the four participants from Block A have also been battling it out over the past few weeks, with Stevie Boy and Liam Thomson already technically in the quarterfinals with four points apiece, while Grant McIvor and Stevie James are yet to get off the track. Debuting this week, however, will be participants from Block C, as Jack Jester takes on Luca de Pazzi. Jester, a former World Heavyweight Champion in his own right, has been primarily focused on the ICW Tag Team Championships since forming The Kinky Party with Sha Samuels in 2017. Meanwhile, Pazzi was off to a decent start this year, earning the number 30 spot in the 9th Annual Square Go! Match, and even though the Italian didn’t come close to victory, having the final spot was still a major point in the career of the artist formerly known as Paxxo.

ICW’s New Talent Initiative

For a young talent, earning a place on the roster of a well-recognised promotion such as ICW can be the turning point of their career. That’s why the promotion’s New Talent Initiative since returning has been a roaring success. On the last two Fight Clubs alone, we’ve witnessed main roster debuts from Luke Kyro, Alex Parker, and Logan Smith, while Kyle Khaos, Theo Doros, Anastasia, and Charlie Vyce have all left an impact in their return fights.

ICW has typically been a breeding ground for talent in the past, with stars such as Leyton Buzzard, Aivil, Ravie Davie, and Daz Black coming into their own on the ICW platform. The Lionheart League has even incorporated this too, with the likes of Ian Skinner, Jason Reed, Grant McIvor, and Alexander Darwin MacAllan being able to stand in the same category as established ICW names like Stevie Boy and Liam Thomson. Should this continue for the foreseeable future, ICW could have itself a few future Hall of Famers on hand.

The Nine9 Are Next

At the 9th Annual Square Go!, The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp and Krieger) proved all of their doubters wrong by dethroning The Purge (Stevie James and Krobar) of the ICW Tag Team Championships. In order to get to that title contest, though, Sharp and Krieger had to defeat The Nine9 (Dickie Divers and Jack Morris) at last year’s Fear & Loathing to become the next in line to the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum (GPWA) graduates. Clearly, it’s a loss that Divers and Morris haven’t let slide, as they’ve targeted the reigning champions since ICW returned.

The two sides have traded wins over the last two Fight Clubs, with Jack Morris pinning Lou King Sharp, while Krieger defeated Dickie Divers last week. Despite the win, though, ‘Scudmaster Sexy’ found himself planted through a table post-match at the hands of the current Reckless Intent Wrestling (RI) Tag Team Champions. With ICW having a solid doubles division to its name, hosting The Kings of the North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin), More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney, and Nathan Martin), The Govan Team (Ravie Davie and Zander McGuire), and the newly-formed alliance of Kenny Williams and Mark Coffey to name but a few, they need a great title fued first thing back. The Fite Network vs. The Nine9 is just that.

Photo: David J. Wilson

Kez Wants An Answer

The world shut down about a month after Kez Evans had won the 9th Annual Square Go! Match, guaranteeing himself a future shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, providing the dastardly grappler cash that briefcase in within 365 days. Not exactly a fair stipulation given how the world’s flipped on its head since he lifted the case, resulting in ‘This Guy’ demanding ICW commissioner Carmel Jacob grant him a six-month extension on his Square Go! contract. Be sure to watch this week’s Fight Club to see if Evans gets his answer from ‘The Pipebomb Princess’.

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