Indie Watch: More Than Hype

We have already covered the bustling Irish Wrestling scene with profiles of Session Moth Martina and Scotty Davis but now we turn our attention to the latest talent breaking out from the island of Ireland.  This time though it isn’t one person, or two, this time we are taking a look at the Big Bad Bleh Bois More Than Hype.  Made up of three best friends More Than Hype have quickly become one of the most popular acts in Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling and are marquee names on every Fight Factory Pro Wrestling (FFPW) show.  Made up of “Psycho” Nathan Martin, “Handsome” Darren Kearney and the one “living his beautiful life” LJ Cleary they have become a hugely popular act in Ireland and have begun to branch out into various promotions in the UK.  The three did a terrific interview on the OTT podcast where they went into detail about their training.

LJ Cleary

More Than Hype

Commonly seen as the singles star of the three LJ Cleary broke out before his teammates and has won various singles titles such as the OTT Gender Neutral Championship and the Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship twice.  When Cleary first made his way to OTT he attempted to play a heel character but his personality and ability to put on great matches soon made it impossible for the fans to not love him.  Outside of Ireland Cleary has also managed to make his mark on places like TNT, Tidal Championship Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Showdown on his own. Not to be mistaken for just a singles performer Cleary is also a former Pro Wrestling Ulster tag team champion and can form a formidable team with either Nathan Martin or Darren Kearney and even Amy Allonsy in No Limits Wrestling.  Just as good alone as he is with his friends Cleary is the heart of the team.

Nathan Martin

Photo: TonyKnox

Psycho Nathan Martin is usually considered a tag team specialist.  He’s formed successful tag teams with Cleary, who he won the PWU tag team championships with, Darren Kearney, who he’s captured the Irish Tag Team Championships with, and Curtis Murray, who he made his main show debut with.  There is some influence from Japan on Martin as he often personifies Strong Style when he goes Psycho and unleashes hell on his opponents regardless of how hurt he is.

Darren Kearney


Darren Kearney took a huge step early in his career when he went to Canada to train with Lance Storm at his academy.  The time training under one of the greatest wrestlers of the last generation played a big part in him becoming the most complete wrestler in MTH.  He’s been successful as both a tag wrestler and on his own having won tag team gold with Nathan Martin and the No Limits Wrestling Championship on his own.  Whether he’s pulling out sick tag moves as part of a tag team or trio or putting his opponents in a Boston Crab Kearney is the most complete performer in MTH and someone that could easily break out on his own one day.

Be it Breed Pro Wrestling, TNT, Insane Championship Wrestling, OTT, FFPW and soon enough PROGRESS Wrestling More Than Hype are taking over and overtaking Scotty Davis and Martina as Ireland’s greatest exports.  Whether together or apart these three talented young men have the wrestling world at their feet.

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