Preview: GCW So Much Fun (11/8/20)

GCW So Much Fun

Nick Gage Invitational 5 Weekend is too big to be limited to one event. The day after NGI5, Game Changer Wrestling continues the excitement with its Sunday evening event, So Much Fun. Given the lively nature of Atlantic City, from the Boardwalk to a slew of casinos, there is no title that seems more apt. However, wrestling fans shouldn’t expect it to be any less thrilling or hard-hitting. Here is what fans, both in attendance and watching from home, can expect at GCW So Much Fun.

GCW So Much Fun Ironbeast The Ugly Ducklings

Ironbeast (KTB and Shane Mercer) vs. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy)

It can be argued that Ironbeast, comprised of KTB and Shane Mercer, is the premier tag team in GCW. Last month, at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4, Ironbeast bested The Rascalz. The month before that, at Bring Em Out, they picked up a win over the team of Tre Lamar and Lee Moriarty. To say that Ironbeast has been on a roll would be an understatement. Needless to say, they intend to maintain their winning ways at GCW So Much Fun. Keep in mind that Mercer was involved at the NGI5 the night prior to this. On this night, they will face perhaps their most unorthodox opponents yet.

Enter The Ugly Ducklings, the mallard-faced team that has been a staple of independent wrestling since 2016. Often accompanied by the animated Coach Mikey, The Ugly Ducklings are nothing short of a perennial fan favorite group. Though they appear playful, they have been incredibly successful, winning tag team gold in organizations including Rockstar Pro Wrestling and Premiere Wrestling Xperience. In this match, the group will be represented by Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy, who will have their hands full with Ironbeast. Will The Ugly Ducklings soar or will Ironbeast prove to be too much for “The Quack Attack?”

GCW So Much Fun Gringo Loco Aeroboy

Gringo Loco vs. Aeroboy

Known for his work in Major League Wrestling and beyond, “The Base God” Gringo Loco is a veteran high-flyer. This isn’t to say that his offense is purely aerial; he’s just as apt to scrap with any opponent that stands across from him. Loco made his return to wrestling, following the COVID-19 pandemic, at The Wrld on GCW this past June. He fought in a six-way scramble that was ultimately won by Calvin Tankman. Most of Loco’s GCW matches have been multi-man affairs, but at So Much Fun, he finds himself in a singles competition against another resident luchador.

Hailing from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, Aeroboy will be making his second 2020 GCW appearance at So Much Fun; his first was at the NGI5 the evening prior. Before then, Aeroboy’s last appearance for the promotion took place at 400 Degreez, in January of 2019, where he competed in a seven-man scramble won by Shane Mercer. Recently, Aeroboy has been a consistent wrestler for GALLI Lucha Libre and IWA Mid-South; he even completed in the King of the Deathmatch tournament for the latter in the summer. Aeroboy is set to make an impact at So Much Fun, but to do so, he will have to overcome his fellow formidable luchador.

GCW Jimmy Lloyd Holidead

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Holidead

Jimmy Lloyd will enter So Much Fun with momentum on his side, but given his opponent for this show, will momentum be enough? The “Different Boy” picked up a recent win at The Last Resort over Eli Everfly. In fact, Lloyd has been a consistent performer in GCW events during 2020. Whether it was on the Jersey Shore, in D-Generation F, or elsewhere, Lloyd brought his trademark risktaking offense with him. However, he will have to dig that much deeper as this Sunday approaches. He will take on an opponent that proves Halloween is working overtime this year.

Cue Holidead, the ghoulish independent wrestler in her skin and out of her mind. Since hitting the scene in the early 2010s, Holidead has made her mark across several organizations. Case and point, she held both the NWA International and SHINE Tag Team Championships with Thunder Rosa. Holidead is also the current reigning Crossfire Wrestling Women’s Champion; she holds the current record at over 540 days. It’s important to note that So Much Fun marks Holidead’s GCW debut, and with an opponent like Lloyd standing across the ring from her, expect this encounter to be nothing short of chaotic.

Lio Rush Blake Christian

Lio Rush vs. Blake Christian

With unbridled confidence and high-flying expertise, this looks to be a show-stealer. At JJSB4, Lio Rush bested ACH in a competitive contest that went a little over 15 minutes. This also marked Rush’s first victory since returning to the independent scene and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From GCW to Violence X Suffering, Rush has seen a new wave of momentum that he plans to ride for the foreseeable future. However, at So Much Fun, he will be in for a challenge in the form of a fellow aerial combatant.

Blake’s last GCW appearance took place at The Last Resort, where he faced GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page in a losing effort. Despite this, “Air Blake” has seen success in 2020, both in GCW and elsewhere. Case and point, at Black Label Pro‘s Threat Level Noon event, he won a four-way match to become number one contender for the BLP Heavyweight Championship. This doesn’t even begin to touch on his work in NJPW Strong, where he’s also been a consistent presence this year. When Rush and Christian clash, expect both to take to the skies.

GCW So Much Fun Chris Dickinson Eric Ryan

Chris Dickinson vs. Eric Ryan

“The Dirty Daddy” is back again at GCW. October was an eventful month for Chris Dickinson; not only did he pick up a huge win at The Last Resort, but he took AEW World Champion Jon Moxley to the brink at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3. United Wrestling Network fans have also seen Dickinson in the inaugural UWN World Title Tournament. To say that the New York native has been busy would be an understatement and his work continues at So Much Fun. This time, he will take on a man who’s no stranger to taking things to the extreme.

Recently, Eric Ryan has been a regular competitor for ICW No Holds Barred, where he’s competed in everything from standard encounters to hellacious deathmatches. His experience in the latter was evidenced by his victory in the IWA Mid South King of the Deathmatch Tournament. Earlier this year, Ryan turned his back on the GCW faithful, joining Rickey Shane Page and his stable, the nefarious 44OH. Though his upcoming match against Dickinson will not be held under such rules, it’s fair to expect that he will go to any lengths to win.

Atticus Cogar Cole Radrick

Atticus Cogar vs. Cole Radrick

Despite the name of this GCW event, Atticus Cogar is anything but fun and games. The calculated deathmatch specialist from Cleveland, Ohio has had an eventful October. Case and point, at Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F, he defeated Colby Corino in a brutal deathmatch. Though he lost to SHLAK at The Last Resort later in the month, Cogar showed that he was unwilling to back down from the powerhouse. In light of this loss, Cogar is determined to get momentum back on his side. A victory over his opponent at So Much Fun will do exactly that.

From New Wave Pro Wrestling to Paradigm Pro Wrestling and beyond, “Wildheart” Cole Radrick has been nothing short of busy on the independent scene. He’s also made his share of GCW appearances as of late; his most notable was at Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore, where he picked up a major win over AR Fox. Radrick prides himself on being an adrenaline junkie. Not only is this true for pro wrestling, but dirtbike racing and other athletic endeavors he’s involved in. With that said, does he have the mean streak necessary to overcome the violent nature of Cogar at So Much Fun?

Jordan Oliver Juicy Finau

Jordan Oliver vs. Juicy Finau

The fall was something of a coming-out party for Juicy Finau. He has appeared in recent GCW events, most notably The Last Resort, where he faced KTB in a solid effort. In fact, this was many fans’ first exposure to the Ontario, California native. Despite his size, the “New Era Savage” isn’t afraid to take to the air. Finau amassed knowledge in various establishments, including the very dojo run by NJPW star Bad Luck Fale. So Much Fun will prove to be another platform for Finau to make a name for himself.

On a surface level, Jordan Oliver may not seem like a challenge for Juicy Finau, given the size disparity. However, this high-flyer from New York is deceptive in its in-ring approach. Jordan’s craftiness is matched only by his brash demeanor, which has earned him detractors as well as supporters. His results can’t be denied, though; in the previous month alone, he secured victories over the likes of Ace Austin and 2 Cold Scorpio. Finau will be a unique challenge for this Next Gen member, making for a match to tune in for.

GCW So Much Fun Alex Zayne Tony Deppen

Alex Zayne vs. Tony Deppen (Zayne’s Final Indie Match)

So Much Fun will be an important night for Alex Zayne. It was recently announced that this upcoming bout will be Zayne’s final match on the independent scene. “The Sauce’s” future in professional wrestling remains unclear, but given the body of work he’s built over the years, it’s fair to say that he will bring a sizable fanbase with him as well. Black Label Pro and New Japan Pro Wrestling have been just a few organizations where Zayne has established himself as a rising star. This Sunday, however, he will wrestle his final indie match before setting his sights elsewhere.

Zayne’s final opponent being Tony Deppen is no inconsequential gesture, either. In July of 2019, Zayne made his GCW debut at their Backyard Wrestling event. His opponent was none other than Deppen, and while the former GCW Extreme Champion put on a valiant effort, it was Zayne that emerged supreme. Now, over one year later, Deppen has the opportunity to even the score in singles competition. Recently, at JJSB4, Deppen picked up a major win over Alex Shelley. Can Deppen continue the momentum by defeating Zayne in the latter’s final independent showing? Regardless, this is set to be a must-see event.

GCW World Championship Rickey Shane Page Mance Warner

GCW World Championship: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Mance Warner

To say that Mance Warner went through hell this past Saturday would be an understatement. He competed in the Nick Gage Invitational 5, battling Low Life Louie, Alex Colon, and finally, MASADA in individual, grueling matches. At the end of the night, it was the “Southern Psycho” that emerged victorious. Post-match, he was almost the recipient of an attack from GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page and the 44OH until Nick Gage himself intervened. By the end of the night, a challenge was set: at So Much Fun, the GCW World Title will be on the line.

For 336 days, Page has been the GCW World Champion. He has successfully defended the title against Gage, Homicide, and AJ Gray, though it’s fair to say his title defenses have been few and far between. However, “Ol’ Mancer” provides a unique challenge. Warner has proven, not just at the NGI5 but throughout his entire career, that he isn’t afraid to take matters to the extreme. It will be this mindset that will help him reach the proverbial pay window and claim his first GCW World Championship. So Much Fun has just become that much more interesting.

GCW So Much Fun will take place at The Carousel Room at The Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on November 8, 2020.

Tickets for the events are on sale now via Eventbrite. Attendees are expected to wear masks and face coverings. Furthermore, social distancing guidelines will be enforced throughout the event. For those that are unable to attend in person, So Much Fun will air live on; further details can be found below.

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