#AndNEW: Sami Zayn Wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Sami Zayn WWE Clash of Champions

With the use of handcuffs and trickery, Sami Zayn became a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion at Clash of Champions. This took place in the opening bout of the event in question, where he squared off against AJ Styles and then-titleholder Jeff Hardy in a triple threat ladder match. When Zayn made his return this past August, he claimed he was still the champion, despite being away for several months. During this period, Hardy was the reigning titleholder. Add the element of Styles, who believed that he had just as much of a claim to the title, and it made for a volatile situation.

Ultimately, it was decided that both Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy’s titles would be up for grabs at Clash of Champions. As was the case with ladder matches of the past, this showdown was nothing short of hard-hitting, from Hardy hitting a Swanton Bomb on Zayn through the ladder to AJ Styles using a smaller ladder as a weapon to launch at Zayn. Clearly, there were no lengths that these men would stop at in order to be the champion. What viewers didn’t anticipate, however, was how the match itself would conclude.

As the match’s conclusion drew near, Zayn produced two pairs of handcuffs. While he cuffed Hardy’s ear to one ladder on the outside, he attempted to cuff Styles in the ring. Styles fought back, but during this scuffle, Zayn craftily cuffed himself to “The Phenomenal One.” This resulted in a struggle as Styles attempted to climb the ladder, dragging along a weakened Zayn. All the while, Hardy re-entered the ring to attack Styles. While this unfolded, Zayn was able to produce a key, freeing himself from Styles and trapping him to the ladder. Zayn seized the moment, scurrying up the ladder to claim the titles above. In that moment, Zayn became a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Post-match, Kayla Braxton approached Sami Zayn to congratulate him on regaining the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Zayn, in his mind, corrected her, saying that he instead retained the title he never lost. Though one could argue he is delusional, his tactics and results couldn’t be argued with. However, it’s safe to say that Hardy and Styles alike will be on his tail, the Intercontinental Championship in their sights.

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