Meet the Prospects of the WWE Tryouts in Chile

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WWE is visiting Latin American this Winter. Last night they were in Mexico City and today they’re in Chile. The latter country is one of the main interest points for WWE. Chile is a boiling wrestling scene with some of the best fans, selling out stadiums for WWE and for their top indie promotion, Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre. While Chile is not the only big Latin American point, countries like Brazil and Peru have a big fan base, Chile will host three-day tryouts for young prospects in such countries. Here, in Last Word on Pro Wrestling, we give you the wrestlers that you might want to keep an eye on.

WWE Tryouts in Chile

Ariel Levy (Chile)

Probably the highest prospect in the tryout with lots of charisma. Ariel Levy went from the most hated guy in Chile back in 2017, to the face of Chile’s main wrestling promotion. An actor and singer, Ariel Levy has everything WWE wants: good looks, great wrestling ability and a big following from Latin American fans. Levy was catapulted to fame with his feud against Perfecto Bundy, were he sold out a loser-leaves-town match. The heat that he gathers for himself is unparallel. He returned to CNL in 2018, winning the CNL National Championship.

Keyra (Mexico)

Young Keyra is only 23 years old. She’s been everywhere in Mexico. Trained by Gran Apache, Keyra is one of the rising stars of women’s wrestling in Mexico. She’s a former The Crash Women’s Champion and has competed against the likes of Santana Garrett, Taya Valkyrie, Chelsea Green, among others. She recently appeared in the IMPACT Wrestling tapings and is working regularly for AAA.

Vanilla Vargas (Puerto Rico)

Sweet like Vanilla! The young Puerto Rican princess is a working project but is flourishing in front of Mexican fans. Vanilla Vargas started with World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico, getting huge exposure in their television show. Vanilla was first the valet for a Puerto Rican wrestler and prospect in this WWE tryout, Angel Fashion. She ended up transitioning to World Wrestling League and form with Mike Mendoza and Fashion, La 3ra Generacion. She gathered the eyes of Konnan in WWL and move to Mexico, where she wrestles regularly for AAA and Aro Lucha.

Angel Fashion (Puerto Rico)

Angel Fashion was the wrestler that Vanilla Vargas managed in Puerto Rico. Fashion is a former Puerto Rican Champion and a 4x WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion. Fashion’s story is something else. His home was devastated after Hurricane Maria, so he moved to Florida where he gained experience and a new physic. Fashion wrestles for WWL, The Crash Lucha Libre and PW 2.0. His tag team with Mike Mendoza as The TIDE is one of the favorites of fans in the island and just recently was close to winning the WWL Heavyweight Championship.

Dragon Bane (Mexico)

Super talented young man. Dragon Bane is one of those wrestlers that’s going to explode in four years. He resembles a young Bandido starting in Mexico City. Bane is a young prospect of AAA and was recently in the Impact Wrestling taping in Mexico. The WWE tryout will help Bane gather the experience he needs to get to the next level.

John Sinner (Chile)

John Sinner is the face of Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre in Chile – Marty Scurll is the undisputed champion in this promotion. Sinner is an 11-year veteran and has captured important titles in Chile’s top promotions, like LEGION, CATCH Pro Wrestling and just recently, CNL. His highflying leaves everybody breathless, especially his Shooting Star Press and now infamous double-foot stomp.

Kaiser (Peru)

Kaiser has traveled all over the west side of South America, in countries like Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and even Panama. But fans can remember him for his tours in Japan, with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Kaiser is part of the promising project in Peru, IMPERIO Lucha Libre. He has faced big names like Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, NXT North American Champion Ricochet and Chile’s XL. Kaiser brings the best experience of any wrestler to the tryout with his 13-year career.

Mansilla (Peru)

Mansilla is arguably the most promising wrestler from Peru. He’s one of the main components of Imperio Lucha Libre and recently is gaining recognition in Chile. In his 5-year career, Mansilla wrestled against Brian Cage, Paul London, Alberto el Patron, XL (Alejandro Saez in WWE) and Ricky Marvin. Mansilla could be a great building for WWE in South America.

Lady Maravilla (Mexico)

Barely 24-years old, Lady Maravilla has been in the biggest promotions in Mexico. Maravilla started with AAA but then transitioned to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, where she was part of the Natalia Vazquez cup. She returned this year to AAA with the change of management and is gaining confidence in herself to be top women for AAA.

Donovan Dongo (Suriname)

I know what you’re saying, “Where in the hell is Suriname?” Donovan Dongo is a former Greco-roman wrestler with immense presence. He’s from Suriname, a former Dutch territory-turned-country in the east side of South America – just above Brazil and on the east side of French Guyana. WWE has been eyeing him for a long time and he’s now getting time to shine.

Zatara (Chile)

Photo: WWE

One of the best female wrestlers from Chile, Zatara is a 10-year veteran. She was part of this year’s Mae Young Classic and has the ability to go against everybody. Although she doesn’t the charisma of someone like Roma from CNL, he wrestling ability has given her fame as one of the best overall in Chile. Zatara is now trying to break out in Mexico.

Reptil (Peru) 

The former South American Champion in Imperio Lucha Libre, Reptil is a great prospect in this tryout. He brings an insane speed to his matches and has wins over Zumbi, Matt Sydal, and Paul London. Recently he has been wrestling for companies in Chile, where the WWE tryout is taking place. The four-year veteran alongside Mansillo holds the future of Peruvian wrestling on their hands.

Atemista (Chile)

One of the best wrestlers of Chile and the face of LEGION. He knows how to read a crowd and worked with everybody. Atemista is one of the top wrestlers in Chile because he gives the best matches every night and can carry a bad partner. He’s been part of Wrestling Superstars and Imperio Lucha Libre in Ecuador, where he was defeated by Mansilla.

Max Miller (Brazil) 

Wrestles regularly for Brazilian Wrestling Federation where guys like NXT’s Cezar Bononi are from. He’s been in the low rad in Brazil, only wrestling in Ecuador one time. He’s a former BWF King of the Ring Champion.

Rurik Jr. (Brazil)

Like Miller, Rurik Jr.‘s main promotion is BWF. He’s been into Chile one time but wrestles all over Brazil instead. He’s the BWF Brazilian Champion.

Lolita (Mexico)

Part of Pirata Morgan’s family, Lolita is still a working project in her 20s. She wrestles in Mexico’s indies. Before that, she was a regular for AAA but never made it to the big time matches.