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Hugo Savinovich and CWA Put Egos Aside: Mesias vs. Mecha Wolf 450 Will Happen

MysterioMania ended up being the biggest show of 2018 in Puerto Rico. The Hugo Savinovich show brought the best indie talent and national talent from Puerto Rico under one roof. With such an array of talent, many wrestlers from the big three companies in the island put behind their politics and fights and joined forces for one single show. Because of this mix, the biggest match of 2018 will take place in another big event.

Back in October, we reported on the blockage that Hugo Savinovich put to the Mesias vs. Mecha Wolf 450 match for CWA Christmas Showdown. The match represents a clash of the best two talent in Puerto Rican wrestling of the last 15 years. Fans were angry by such announcement, and many went against the MysterioMania show. Hugo defended himself and said that it was Championship Wrestling Association (CWA PR) who broke their deal. CWA fired back by saying that the match was going forward. Nobody reached an agreement at that moment, and some media outlets drew their support for both parties.

But, as this article presents, business prevails. Savinovich and CWA owners reached an agreement days before the MysterioMania show. Nobody knew about this at first hand, but with all of the heavy promotions for MysterioMania, both parties responded for what was best for business. On one side, Hugo had turned on to the wrong side of the Puerto Rican fans and, although many were still going for his grand show, his public appeal was damaged. For CWA, the Mesias vs. Mecha Wolf 450 represented their big draw for the night. Although Matt Sydal, Marty Scurrl, Shane Strickland, Tessa Blanchard, among others, we’re going to be present, the local heroes were the real main event and drew for the facility that is the PR Convention Center.

On Thursday, many officials from CWA arrived early to the MysterioMania show, from owners from backstage personnel. Moreover, CWA newest announcer, Willie Urbina, was also in those who attended backstage the MysterioMania show. By the end of the El Mesias vs. Pentagon Jr. match, Mecha Wolf 450 made his challenge official against Mesias, making the announcement for the December 15th show.

Hugo had a live stream after the show and explained that he and CWA PR had come to an agreement. Moreover, the CWA owner made his first public appearance after speculation on who was funding such a massive event for CWA. It remains unknown who are all of the owners, with many already taking out of the equation former WWL owner Richard Negrin. With the agreement, Hugo’s image remains clean, and CWA has its big showdown that will surely sell them more tickets for their grand event.


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