Match Point: PAC vs Will Ospreay (2/15/19)

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PAC‘s return to the indies has been the source of a tonne of excitement as we head into 2019.  With the indies currently being raided for talent by multiple companies, it is getting harder and harder to put on legitimate dream matches.  Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) has announced one of the few for their HIGH STAKES show in February as PAC faces Will Ospreay.  New Japan vs Dragon Gate as two of the greatest gaijins in Japan today battle it out.

Stylistically we have two of the best Junior Heavyweights to ever come out of the United Kingdom.  The former King Of The Cruiserweights PAC was a multiple time champion in the WWE as Neville wowing fans with his athleticism and eventually his brilliant character work.  Ospreay is most known for the infamous series of matches with Ricochet which were bouts filled with flips and agile sequences that showcased the athletic abilities of both.  Don’t let the junior heavyweight label fool you these two are not just flips and unrealistic sequences of dives they are both fantastic storytellers who have excellent in-ring psychology and striking, grappling skills.

Will Ospreay

The youngest and first ever British Born winner of the Best Of The Super Juniors, the first ever British born IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and one of the leaders of the British Wrestling Revolution.  He won the first ever Super Strong Style 16, which has been won by WWE UK’s Tyler Bate and Aleister Black since, before becoming PROGRESS World Champion.  Ospreay has been successful absolutely everywhere he has been, his talent far beyond his years and charisma has seen him pushed to the top in the UK, Australia and in New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Despite the common misperception, Ospreay is an all-around talent who can defeat opponents with his athletic advantage, his always improving striking abilities and his underrated power game.  No matter where he goes Ospreay gives 110% and if he brings his A-Game to face PAC we could have a war on our hands


PAC is most known as Neville from his time in WWE.  In his 6 years with the WWE, PAC was very successful, a two-time NXT Tag Team Champion, main evented the first NXT TakeOver where he won the NXT Championship, a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion and the King Of The Cruiserweights.  PAC left the WWE amidst a lot of controversies, after a successful run as a heel Neville was the focus of 205 Live and one of the fans favorite performers.  After his release from WWE, PAC returned to his old stomping ground Dragon Gate where he has become a major name in RED, the number one heel faction in the company.  Before signing for the WWE, PAC was one of the best names on the indies, breaking out of the UK to win multiple titles in Dragon Gate and competed in the likes of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, NJPW, and many other companies throughout the UK and Europe.  His transition from the indies to the WWE and back has been seamless for a man of many talents.  PAC made his name with eye-catching athleticism, mastered the WWE style and has taken the best of both to the indies once again.

Two of the best juniors in the world.  They took different paths but have both been very successful.  Two all-around exceptional workers will clash in this first time ever dream match