Brian Cage Wants Lucha Machines vs the Elite and it Could Happen on the Chris Jericho Cruise

Lucha Machines vs Elite

A few days ago, after IMPACT Wrestling announced that Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix would be taking on oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist) at Bound for Glory in October, Cage took to social media to solicit dream match suggestions for his trio, the aptly named, Lucha Machines.

The fans did not disappoint as there were all kinds of suggestions, ranging from the very probable matchups in IMPACT to the slightly less likely duels against Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling wrestlers, to the impossible unless the Lucha Machines all signed WWE contracts. Fans name dropped established trios like the Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns), Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong), Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and Bad Luck Fale), the New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods), SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) and Kazuchika Okada teaming up with any of his CHAOS stablemates.

Other suggestions included the Lucha Machines taking on Austin Aries and his new entourage of Moose and Killer Kross. Or perhaps IMPACT’s tag team champions LAX (Santana and Ortiz) would team up with ROH’s World Television Champion Punishment Martinez. Another match option saw Flamita and Bandido align with Rey Horus in a lucharific encounter.

And then of course, there were the dream match scenarios that the Lucha Machines should take on Bullet Club, in several of its different iterations. The one that seemed to catch the attention of Brian Cage as well as many others, was the potential match of the Lucha Machines vs Bullet Club’s Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson).

In response to a tweet directed at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla booking this six-man match in the future, Cage tweeted this:

While the tweet was referencing a potential PWG match, Cage did not specify the particulars of when or where the showdown needed to occur. And given there is a very special event coming up in October where four of the six men needed for the match are currently booked, fans might not have to wait until PWG in 2019 to see this encounter go down.

Setting sail on October 27, the Chris Jericho Cruise, which among other things is pitting Ring of Honor against IMPACT Wrestling in a once-in-a-lifetime battle, would be the perfect locale for the Lucha Machines vs Elite dream match. Brand lines have been drawn and interbrand matches featuring Sami Callihan vs. Marty Scurll, LAX vs Young Bucks and Johnny Impact vs any and all members of Bullet Club who want to take him on, have been set. And while Pentagon and Fenix have not been announced for the cruise, both seem to have open schedules for the timeframe of Oct. 27-31, which is when the cruise will be taking place.

While announced for the cruise several months ago, Cage, who preceded Impact in challenging all of Bullet Club, is one of few wrestlers on board who doesn’t have a match yet. The Young Bucks on the other hand, have two as they will be facing LAX as well as teaming with the man of honor himself, Chris Jericho, as Alpha Club takes on Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Marty Scurll). No schedule has been released or details on how many matches will take place aboard the ship, but it would not be surprising if the four-day trip featured the Bucks in at least one more match.

Brian Cage issued a challenge to Bullet Club and now he has a trio to back him up. He solicited dream matches to any trio to face the Lucha Machines after they defeat oVe at Bound for Glory. It’s quite possible that first match could be accepted as soon as two weeks later, somewhere between Miami and the Bahamas in international waters.