BREAKING: Andrew Everett Departs IMPACT Wrestling

Monday night, IMPACT Wrestling star Andrew Everett took to Twitter to announce he had been granted his release from IMPACT and that was going to “test the waters in free agency”.

Andrew Everett, 26, is another North Carolina prodigy to come from the OMEGA camp, starting with the Hardy Boyz, Shane “Hurricane” Helms and Shannon Moore, as well as newer stars like Everett and Trevor Lee. Shortly after his debut in the mid-2000s, he debuted with CHIKARA as part of the lucha goat faction Los Chivas (Everett was Chiva IV, aka The Chiva Kid).


His CHIKARA run was short, but he was also wrestling without the mask on the Carolinas indie scene, with Carolina Wrestling Federation (CWF) Mid- Atlantic and Premiere Wrestling Xperience (PWX). In 2013, he began to catch on with indie promotions outside his area, working with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), EVOLVE, and Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW). In 2014, he made his debut with Ring of Honor as part of the Top Prospect series and by the end of the year made his debut with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). A year later, he would make his PWG Battle of Los Angeles debut.

In 2015, he and fellow OMEGA graduate Trevor Lee would debut with IMPACT Wrestling together as a tag team (although they would still have singles matches as well). It wouldn’t be long before they partnered with one of the OMEGA originals, Shane Helms, in his new Helms Dynasty stable. But as time went on, it would be Trevor Lee who would emerge as the bigger star of the duo. Lee would go on to become a 3x IMPACT X-Division Champion, while Everett was repackaged last year in a new tag team with DJZ. Although the duo would capture the IMPACT Tag Team titles, their reign was brief. Everett’s last IMPACT appearance was at the June TV tapings in Windsor, Ontario. His televised appearance was on July 19, but his match with Dezmond Xavier was ended before it started when both men were taken out by a rabid Eddie Edwards.

Photo: IMPACT Wrestling

With an indie boom period going on like no other time in history – both in talent and fan appreciation – and with many of the top stars, like Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and Ricochet heading to NXT, there’s spots open to find opportunity in re-inventing yourself. Everett is only 26 years old and is at the perfect stage to adventure to new promotions, new countries, and find more for himself.

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