Preview: PCW ULTRA Vision Quest (9/7/18)

On Friday, September 7th, PCW ULTRA presents Vision Quest. It is an event that has some exciting possibilities since they are bringing in both notable talent and recognizable names to complement their talented roster. This card will see each of PCW ULTRA’s championships on the line, some exciting singles matches, and even a triple threat as well. On top of the number of exciting matches scheduled for the night, the promotion will offer a special meet and great as well. It should prove to be a night to remember for all those in attendance. Here is the preview for PCW ULTRA Vision Quest.

Daga vs ACH


This will be a match where fans won’t want to sit down. The action between Mexico’s Daga and the internationally traveled ACH will see them come at each other from all sides of the ring outside the ring as well. Both men have a pedigree and extensive experience, which will lead to some very exciting exchanges between them. Many will recall that ACH first gained notoriety competing for Ring of Honor, but he has since blazed a trail for himself by competing all over the world. In comparison, Daga may lack the international experience, but that isn’t to say he isn’t able to adjust or adapt. Similar ring styles can create familiarity, and these seasoned veterans can adjust. Fans can expect an exciting match that pits two of the highest of fliers against one another, and this will likely be one that fans discuss long after the night is over.

Maxx Stardom vs. Jake Atlas vs. Puma King


These three athletes will push the envelope and soar through the sky. They will bring the thunder in a way no other match can on this evening. Triple threat matches have upsides and its downsides, but in this instance, the most important side is the exciting side. It is a match that gives all three men an opportunity to push the boundaries and create moments that may otherwise fly under the radar. An 11-year veteran of the ring, Puma will put his experience in CMLL to great use. Of all the men involved in this match, Atlas may be the one to watch. As he continues to develop in the ring, though he only has a couple of years’ experience. This match may be too close to call, as all involved will likely create some memorable moments that will leave those in attendance speechless.

PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship: War Beast (Jacob Fatu & Josef The Almighty Sheik) (c) vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)


The best way to describe this matchup would be an absolute car wreck. These two teams bring a ton of energy, but most importantly carry with them a brutal and dangerous nature that would make most teams tremble. With Warbeast having been together for such a short time, it would seem surprising how successful they have been until you realize who they are and what they offer as a tandem. ‘The Samoan Werewolf’ Jacob Fatu was a protégé of former WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi (and son of former WWE Superstar and Islander Tama/Tonga Kid) and is as diverse in the ring as anyone today. Fatu‘s partner, ‘Almighty Sheik’ Josef Machete, is a 20 year veteran of the ring who has undergone a number of different personas but has found a home as one half of the Warbeast tandem. They will have their hands full against the hard-hitting Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend. This former Global Force Wrestling and Ring of Honor tag team bring a ton of charm and personality to the ring. These two seasoned veterans are a real threat to the PCW Ultra tag team championships that Warbeast hold. This should be an exciting match to say the least.

Brody King vs. Eddie Kingston


If there was any match on the card that will certainly get fans’ attention, it would be this contest. King has continued to forge a name for himself on the independent circuit. A well-traveled talent who has competed all along the West Coast and into Canada, he brings a whole level of experience with him. Meanwhile, as the mind behind the OGz, Kingston brings knowledge, a seasoned awareness in the ring, and the kind of know-how that will make this match very interesting. Will Brody King succumb to the mind games of Eddie Kingston, or will Kingston not realize what hit him after dealing with the overall skill set of Brody King? Fans could be treated to what would be a dark horse favourite for match of the night when these two talents tangle at Vision Quest. Neither man is light, but Kingston’s experience could be where the advantage lies in this match. Regardless of the outcome, it will show how two of today’s bigger men are as agile as their smaller counterparts.

PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight Championship: Shane Strickland (c) vs. Rey Horus


One of the most exciting matches of the evening pits the luchador Horus against SWERVE. Many might know Horus as Dragon Azteca Jr on Lucha Underground. An eleven-year veteran of the ring and a protégé of Rey Misterio, Horus has captured championships wherever he has been. This match appears to be a cross-over with Lucha Underground since Strickland performs there as Killshot. These two men square off in a match with high stakes, as the PCW Ultra Light Heavyweight championship is on the line. Strickland continues to excel in the ring, building a name for himself. He has captured championships and, in the process, become a must-see athlete everywhere he competes. There is very little difference in the way of experience between the two, and they are very familiar with one another. It is a case where, honestly, the last mistake made in the match is what will ultimately cost the loser. Strickland offers an exciting array of moves not unlike that of Horus. One can anticipate that the match will show fans in attendance things they haven’t seen before. Will we see counters executed between the two? Will we see dives and flips? Those aren’t just possibilities, but certainties.

PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship: Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Diamante


In what appears to be a cross-over with Impact Wrestling, this match showcases two of the most talented women on that promotion’s roster. It’s also a case of two of the most talented women in the industry facing each other in a PCW ULTRA ring. Tessa is on a new a whole new level right now as the focal point of the women’s division in Impact Wrestling and is also the face of that division in PCW ULTRA. As a third-generation wrestler, Blanchard has a heritage unlike many in the ring today. Diamante brings a different dynamic to this match; an eight-year veteran, she is a seasoned veteran who has competed all over the Florida area and now will showcase her skills in PCW Ultra. Recently recovered from an ACL injury, this will be her first match outside Impact and could be an opportunity to see how her knee has adapted after the surgery. It will be a tremendous challenge for Diamante to face the dominant Blanchard in her return from injury. A repaired ACL is susceptible to being re-torn, which could play on the mind of Diamante in this match. Blanchard’s current rise and versatility could give her the advantage, despite Diamante’s experience overall in the ring.

PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship: Penta El Zero (c) vs. Hammerstone


This is an interesting matchup and one that certainly showcases two very different styles. Many are familiar with Penta El Zero, who has competed under a number of different names including as Pentagon Jr during his time in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. He made a name for himself competing in his native Mexico for Lucha Libre AAA, before generating a following in the U.S. His growth in popularity has resulted in his competing all over the continent. His character has a mystique that has raised his profile enormously. He is also the PCW ULTRA Heavyweight champion but faces a new challenge from the hard-hitting Hammerstone. The 27-year-old Hammerstone brings a powerful style to the ring, one quite unlike that of Penta El Zero. El Zero may prove to be the more ruthless of the two, and his experience should also provide a definite advantage for him since Hammerstone hasn’t competed as regularly over last five years. This could be an instance where having less experience hurts Hammerstone. Still, fans can be assured that this will be a match that helps put Hammerstone‘s name on the map.

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