#AndNEW: The Parea Win the RCW Tag Team Titles

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This past Saturday, Riot City Wrestling (RCW) had one of their most important events to date, RCW 200, featuring the return of Adam Brooks to the Aussie wrestling scene. However, in a crazy TLC match, The Parea defeated The Millennials, Gods and Monsters, and The Rude Ones, to win their first RCW Tag Team Titles. The Parea, comprised of Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros, had a chance previously to win the titles at July’s Power Trip event, in a Triple Threat Tag Team match, against the Millennials and the Rude Ones, until interference led by Jimmy-C, the now former RCW General Manager, caused the bout to end in a No Contest. They made the most of their second chance, and captured the tag team gold off of the defending Millennials.

The Parea Win the RCW Tag Team Titles

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The Parea are known for their high-flying, and will be a terrific team to lead the division going forward, and will no doubt have awesome matches in the process. Their style easily positions them as crowd favorites, and after the heel run of the Millennials as champions, that will be a breath of fresh air. Surely the Millennials will get a rematch, but under the assumption that the Parea will retain against them, Gods and Monsters seems to be a logical choice of a team to feud with thereafter. The team of Brodie Marshall and Grimm, who make up Gods and Monsters, are large and powerful, and would be a perfect foil for the smaller but more agile Parea. The story would naturally stem from the two teams size and style differences, and might just be the kind of victory the Parea need to establish their reign. The TLC match itself, along with the rest of RCW 200 will be available on Riot City Wrestling’s YouTube channel in the coming weeks, where you can get caught up with all the promotion’s happenings.