PROGRESS Chapter 50 Preview

PROGRESS Chapter 50 Preview
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Company: Progress Wrestling

Event: Chapter 50: I Give It Six Months

Venue: Electric Ballroom

Coming off the heels of a stellar Super Strong Style 16 PROGRESS are building up steam ahead of their major show at the famous Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally).  They are presenting another potentially great card with big implications for the Ally Pally show with two title matches on this show.

Match 1: London Riots(James Davis & Rob Lynch) vs Banter Edition( El Ligero & Dave Mastiff)

The Riots are setting up for something big in the near future seeing as they are on a long losing streak and look far from the dominant team they once were, with both men performing in singles matches on the Freedoms Road shows they may be breaking up soon.  The Banter Edition are a great comedy midcard act that can wrestle well and this match will effectively mix comedy and great wrestling if the Riots recent matches are anything to go by

Predictions: The Banter Edition to win and the Riots to tease something regarding their future

Match 2: Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc vs The Origin (Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson)

This match will have great heat with four of the most over and longest serving members of the roster involved.  At SSS16 there was tension teased between Havoc and Haskins with Havoc accidentally causing Haskins to lose to Trent Seven and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the tensions explode here tonight with either one turning heel.

Predictions: The Origin to pick up the win after some miscommunication between Havoc and Haskins

Match 3: Flash Morgan Webster vs Jack Sexsmith

Sexsmith was selling an arm injury during the SSS16 which kept his involvement in days 2 and 3 at a minimum and it will be interesting to see if he sells it here against Webster.  These guys are both good wrestlers and Webster has impressed more and more in ring so this match will be great.  Both guys need wins to keep their momentum going but it all depends on Sexsmith’s arm

Predictions: Flash Morgan Webster to win due to Sexsmith’s injury

Match 4: Travis Banks vs James Drake

SSS16 winner Banks has a tough test in Drake as he look to keep winning heading into his PROGRESS title match at Chapter 55, this will be a hard hitting affair between two great strikers, Drake has only had a win streak broken and can easily take a loss here

Predictions: Travis Banks wins

Match 5: Toni Storm (C) vs Kay Lee Ray For the Women’s Title

Storm is the first ever champion having defeated Jinny and Laura Di matteo at SSS16 night 2 in a phenomenal match, KLR defeated Katey Harvey in a number one contenders match to set up this contest.  Storm and KLR are two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world and this match has the potential to steal the show, it seems too early to do a title switch for such a new belt and Storm holding the title for awhile and carrying it into the Mae Young Classic would give it some immediate credibility.

Predictions: Toni Storm to retain

Main Event: #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid “Mondai” Lykos) vs Moustache Mountain ( Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) (C) For the Progress Tag Titles

This match is going to be INSANELY AMAZING.  British Strong Style have had the run of the place for too long and while beating down Matt Riddle at Chapter 48 were stopped by #CCK who cleared BSS from the ring and finally having a rival stable stand up to them.  #CCK then also prevented BSS from interfering in the Banks vs Bate final of SSS16.  So far CCK have had the number of BSS and will look to to take their titles away here in what should be a great match with a hot crowd between two of the best teams in Britain.  As great as it would be for BSS to lose some of their title I think PROGRESS will hold off on the title changes until we are closer to Chapter 55.

Predictions: British Strong Style to retain although it wont be a clean win

Progress World Champion Pete Dunne Addresses Management & the fans

One can’t have a PROGRESS show without Pete Dunne and since the announcement rumors have been flying over what his promo could be about with some believing he will be announcing that Chapter 55 will be his last and others thinking it will set up a full CCK vs BSS match down the road.  Either way it will be entertaining and newsworthy.