Preview: Dragon Gate – The Final Gate 2020 (12/20/20)


On December 20, 2020, Dragon Gate holds its last big event of the year: The Final Gate 2020. This will feature the culmination of storylines some stemming from a year ago and others from recent memory. Here is a rundown of the key matches to expect from this packed card. Open The Brave Gate Championship: […] READ MORE

Beginner’s Guide To Dragon Gate: The Championships


With the emergence of Shingo Takagi in New Japan, Akira Tozawa being in WWE, and Masaaki Mochizuki being a big part of Pro Wrestling NOAH for the past year. People were curious as to where these guys have been, because they are very good. The commentators often mention it, but for those who don’t know. […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (NES)

One of the longest-standing genres in gaming is wrestling video games. From titles that simulate the action seen on TV to those that take creative liberties with the sport in question, these games have been commonplace over the decades. In fact, one of the most popular discussions among wrestling fans is in regard to their […] READ MORE

Bullet Club’s Trophy Case


These days, it's hard to remember a time when Bullet Club wasn't throwing too-sweets and superkicks, but do you know just how successful they've been? READ MORE