NXT UK Launches Out of WWE UK Tournament: All The Details


It was taped last week at Royal Albert Hall in London, England, and several spoilers made its way online (some by WWE themselves), but it’s now officially in the books: the second WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament is in the books, and out of it’s ashes rises the WWE’s latest brand, NXT UK. A regional […] READ MORE

A Brief History of UK Wrestling


There’s no denying that in the past few years, the United Kingdom’s wrestling scene has emerged from being just a phenomenon on the British Isles and has transcended international stardom. Such UK stars as Zack Sabre Jr., Will Ospreay, “The Villain” Marty Scurll, and the WWE UK Champion “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne are fast becoming well […] READ MORE

United Kingdom Championship Tournament: Meet the Final Eight

After the first eight competitors were announced on Wednesday, WWE announced today the final eight competitors for the second annual United Kingdom Championship Tournament: Jordan Devlin, Tucker, T-Bone, James Drake, Travis Banks, Flash Morgan Webster, Ashton Smith and America’s own Drew Gulak (we’re definitely a little confused on that one too). Much like in the piece on the first eight, this article will […] READ MORE

WWE UK: New Details on the Tournament and What The Show Roster Could Be


It’s become one of the WWE’s biggest punchlines. The show that never materializes, despite having a title that results in some of the company’s best received matches, that features some of the most beloved stars on the roster. Since the WWE ran the inaugural WWE UK Championship tournament in January of 2017, it’s been a […] READ MORE

15 Wrestlers WWE Should Sign For The WWE UK Brand (VIDEOS)


The WWE UK championship is now over a year old, yet there is still no word on the launch of a WWE UK brand. Meanwhile, the British independent wrestling scene has continued to grow and get the attention of fans around the world. The huge success in recent years of British stars like Finn Balor, […] READ MORE

Pete Dunne Pulled From UK Event Rumble Weekend

Britannia Wrestling, the UK branch of Pro Wrestling International, were set to have WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne appear at their Royally Rumbled show.  The promotion celebrating 10 years as an active promotion, had booked the UK and WWE Superstar Dunne for their show on January 27th. It was announced today on Twitter and to a dedicated event group that Pete Dunne had […] READ MORE

Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 61 (1/14/2018)

PROGRESS Wrestling open 2018 with a stellar card in Birmingham.  The UK’s leading promotion is looking to go from strength to strength as they head for Wembley.  They can start the year off right with an action-packed card Sunday.  Let’s dive into PROGRESS Chapter 61: Don’t Touch Me…Don’t…Don’t Touch Me. Match 1: Chris Ridgeway vs […] READ MORE