Aleister Black: NXT’s Next Superstar

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Throughout the past few months, NXT has been grooming Aleister Black for stardom. Known formerly as Tommy End, Black has become a focal point of the yellow brand in recent months. With his eye-popping moveset and mysterious character, it’s easy to see why Black has become a fan favorite. First off, he’s one of the “indie darlings,” which tends to help NXT star power. Additionally, Black is downright amazing in the ring. Not only is he technically sound, but again, his moveset is just flashy enough to catch the casual fan’s eye. So, what are NXT‘s plans for Aleister Black? After this week’s episode, the message is pretty clear.

Aleister Black: NXT’s Next Superstar

Black’s Debut

Truthfully, NXT started grooming Black for superstardom as soon as he debuted. In his debut match, he defeated Andrade Almas at a Takeover event. In his debut match. Other WCW/WWE talents that won their debut match on pay per view include Big ShowKane, and The Undertaker. If Black’s career is even half as good as any of those guys, he should definitely be proud. With his career trajectory pointing the way it is right now, he could be just as successful.

Weekly NXT Bouts

Since his debut, Aleister Black has been crushing people nearly every week on the yellow brand. At the time of writing, Black is totally undefeated on the yellow brand. In recent weeks, he has gotten nothing but “enhancement talent” to absolutely destroy. Usually, getting to that phase in your WWE career means something pretty important.

Whatever Black is doing, he should probably keep it up, as WWE most likely sees something in him. They’ve done the same thing with Braun Strowman, and he’s become one of the highlights of RAW. To a further extent, WCW and WWE took the same approach with Goldberg. Judging by those guys, WWE absolutely sees something in Aleister Black. Otherwise, why spend jobber matches on him?

Last Week on NXT

This past week, Aleister Black finally saw some real competition on the yellow brand. On this week’s episode, he took on one Kassius Ohno. Since Ohno’s return, he has already seen some highs and lows, just like his first WWE stint. For him, this was one of the lows. Despite seeing an early push in his second stay in NXT, Ohno lost to Black in decisive fashion. Now, Black not only has the resume of many wins, but a win over a solid yellow brand star. Again, this should be even more confirmation of WWE’s plans for him. Clearly, at least Triple H sees a lot in him, and that man knows what he’s doing.


Aleister Black might not be the first superstar that NXT has, but he might end up being the brightest star. All in all, Black is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in WWE today. His gimmick is fantastic and unique, and his finisher is beautiful, yet devastating. Everything about his look is marketable, which is a huge plus for Vince McMahon and WWE. Hopefully, when all is said and done, Aleister Black’s call-up is a lot more like Finn Balor and a lot less like Bo Dallas. In NXT though, he looks like a sure-fire superstar right now. NXT Championship, here he comes.