Kieran Tierney New Arsenal Contract a Sign of Intent From Mikel Arteta

Kieran Tierney

Trying to fix Arsenal is like attempting to mend a glass house which is the target of several bricks. Except, in this case, all of the bricks are in fact being thrown by the owner of the house himself. Nonetheless, Mikel Arteta, one task at a time, is attempting to convert the broken house into a fortress for the future. The new contract for Kieran Tierney is an example of the progress the Spaniard is trying to make.

Already, he has overseen the clearing of unnecessary deadwood whilst welcoming fresher and better faces. Some may even go as far to say that the January transfer window was the Gunners’ best in years. They raised necessary funds, flexed their albeit lessening muscles in the transfer market to secure the Martin Odegaard loan and entered February a better side as a result.

Kieran Tierney New Arsenal Contract a Sign of Intent

Arteta Knows What He Wants

Arteta doesn’t seem a man willing to throw that progress down the drain either; he no longer seems a guy willing to let brick after brick be thrown towards what he is building. Instead, he seems a manager who knows what he wants. And that is what Arsenal need. Arteta realises the challenge at hand, he knows the attraction of Arsenal is that of a middle-aged man entering a crisis rather than a man in his prime. And therefore, he has fitted his expectations to overcome the crisis.

Before Arteta, Arsenal were too focused on the present. Yet still failed miserably. So, Arteta changed that, he knew that fixing just the present and not focusing on the future will only lead to the recycling of mediocrity. Since he’s arrived, more young players have played a key role, they have had that added trust to thrive on whilst the more experienced players have been cast away if deemed not good enough.

Those that are good enough, however, have entered a leadership role. And Kieran Tierney, even at the age of 24, is part of the group of leaders. The Scotland international very much falls between players crucial for both the present and the future. His intensity can make a real difference and, if he can remain fit, Tierney may well captain the Gunners one day.

Mikel Arteta Expresses Delight at Kieran Tierney Contract

After putting pen to paper on a long-term deal, Kieran Tierney received a bundle of praise from his manager via the official club website: “This is great news for us today. As manager of the club, speaking on behalf of the coaching staff and the entire staff, it’s a pleasure to work with KT(Kieran Tierney). His quality, energy, commitment and professionalism, not only on matchdays, but every day in training are always at such a high level.

“KT gives us so much extra strength both defensively and offensively and it’s great to know that he’ll be with us for the long term. Since his move from Celtic, his work ethic and quality has ensured that he is already one of most exciting players in the Premier League and a hugely important part of our team, both on and off the pitch.

“I know all the fans will join me, the players and staff in looking forward to seeing KT playing in an Arsenal shirt for a few more years!”

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