Predicting Group 2 of UEFA Nations League D

The end of the line! Group D2 is the 14th and final UEFA Nations League group and the only one that just consists of three teams. It features three microstates – Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and San Marino. All three could realistically win the group. Let’s find out who has the best chance. This article will be predicting Group 2 of UEFA Nations League D.

Predicting Group 2 of UEFA Nations League D

A Look at Their Respective 2018/19 Nations League Performances

Perhaps not surprisingly, all three of them called League D their home in 2018/19 as well. Gibraltar and Liechtenstein shared groups, with the former being notably better. Winning and losing, home and away respectively, against Liechtenstein. Additionally, Team 54 recorded an astounding 1-0 win away against Armenia in Yerevan. San Marino lost every game without scoring a single goal. Do keep in mind these matches were played almost two years ago and things may very well have changed since then. However, having a look at their most recent Nations League campaigns is interesting nonetheless.

European Qualifiers Bode Well for Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein were the only team of Group D2 that obtained any points in Euro 2020 qualifying. Their point tally is two. The Blues-Reds obtained these points from two draws – one at home against Armenia and the other against Greece in Athens. Quite sensational, actually. On top of their superior performance in European Qualifiers, Liechtenstein’s Elo rating is higher than that of both Gibraltar and San Marino.

Gibraltar Have Proven More than San Marino

Although neither of the two obtained any points in Euro qualifying, Gibraltar’s performance was still quantifiably better than San Marino’s campaign. More specifically, Team 54’s goal difference vastly outclassed La Serenissima’s. Gibraltar’s goal difference was -28, San Marino’s was -50. The goal difference discrepancy speaks volumes, even though their points tally is the same.

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