Preview: DRAGONGATE and Pro Wrestling NOAH – GLOBAL DREAM (11/11/22)

Global Dream - Kenoh and Minoura vs Yoshioka and Kiyomiya graphic

The relationship between DRAGONGATE and Pro Wrestling NOAH has been great for quite a while now. We’ve seen constant trading of talents, and even belts. However, they’ve decided to go all in with a big inter-promotional event live from the world-famous Korakuen Hall. DRAGONGATE and NOAH present GLOBAL DREAM. Which comes from the Global in Global Honored Crown, and the Dream in Open The Dream Gate. A night stacked full of inter-promotional battles with a colossal main event.

Global Dream Full Card

  • Kaito Kiyomiya and Yuki Yoshioka vs Kota Minoura and Kenoh
  • Dragon Dia, Alejandro, Ninja Mack, Xtreme Tiger, and Dragon Kid vs Diamanté, Hi69, Hajime Ohara, BxB Hulk, and H•Y•O
  • Shun Skywalker and Tadasuke vs Takuma Fujiwara and Amakusa
  • YAMATO vs Seiki Yoshioka
  • Dante Leon, Punch Tominaga, and Atsushi Kotoge vs Strong Machine J, Jason Lee, and U-T
  • X vs Konomama Ichikawa
  • KZY, YO-HEY, and Jacky “Funky” Kamei vs NOSAWA Rongai, Genki Horiguchi, and Ryo Saito
  • ISHIN and Manabu Soya vs Ben-K and Minorita vs Yasushi Kanda and Susumu Yokosuka vs Muhammad Yone and BIG BOSS Shimizu vs Super Crazy and Eita
  • Mochizuki Jr, Ryu Fuda, and Madoka Kikuta, vs Yoshiki Inamura, Kai Fujimura, and Yasutaka Yano

Dante Leon, Punch Tominaga, and Atsushi Kotoge vs U-T, Jason Lee, and Strong Machine J

There have been many changes done to this match due to injuries, but the one thing that hasn’t changed? U-T across the ring from Atsushi Kotoge. When Atsushi Kotoge and the rest of the NOAH Junior Regular Army invaded a DRAGONGATE show to announce their desire to hold a joint show, it was Kotoge who laid out the challenge for a tag match. It didn’t take long before DRAGONGATE’s ‘Passionate Braveheart’ U-T answered the call. Citing his desire to aim for Atsushi Kotoge, and remembering seeing Kotoge wrestle when he was a young boy. U-T’s NATURAL VIBES brethren will aid him in his quest, and the chemistry they have might be what gives them the edge in this one.

KZY, Jacky “Funky” Kamei, and YO-HEY vs Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, and NOSAWA Rongai

YO-HEY was originally trained in DRAGONGATE, and eventually left. Now finding himself a new home in Pro Wrestling NOAH with a new purpose. He’s returned home twice within the last year, but this last time when he returned he had a request. Wanting to align with one of his senpai’s in KZY, and KZY was quick to accept the invitation. However, that wasn’t the only team brewing. As the soon-to-be retiring NOSAWA Rongai made a request of his own. Since Perros Del Mal Japon came to DRAGONGATE earlier this year and even took the Triangle Gate belts to NOAH, NOSAWA has been a thorn in GM Ryo Saito’s side. However, he came in peace at a DRAGONGATE house show.

As he simply was there to request to team up with the GM at GLOBAL DREAM. Which Saito accepted, and with the added additions of Genki Horiguchi and Jacky “Funky” Kamei a trios match was made. This match has the most potential to show the true DRAGONGATE trios style, and could be a sleeper for match of the night. Don’t let the age of the veteran team fool you, they can still go with the best of them.

YAMATO vs Seiki Yoshioka

The first big match that was hyped for the all-star event was the singles match between YAMATO and Seiki Yoshioka. When Yoshioka spoke he made his intentions clear that he wanted the top of DRAGONGATE he wanted ‘The Almighty’ YAMATO. YAMATO has been very dismissive of Yoshioka it’s very apparent he doesn’t see Yoshioka near his level. He’s a record-breaking 5-time Open The Dream Gate Champion. While Yoshioka has held both of the GHC Jr crowns including a recent run as Jr Tag Champion. One has to assume that still doesn’t impress YAMATO. YAMATO has even stated he looks forward to seeing how long Yoshioka can keep up with him.

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However, one has to think that Yoshioka expects this. That’s why he targeted YAMATO, so he can prove he can hang with the very best. YAMATO is coming off a big loss challenging for the Open The Dream Gate Championship. However, it’ll be one day removed from Seiki Yoshioka defending the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Couple that along with his ongoing leg troubles, then YAMATO could very well be smelling blood in the water.

Kaito Kiyomiya and Yuki Yoshioka vs Kota Minoura and Kenoh

Kaito Kiyomiya personally visited a DRAGONGATE show to deliver the news of this main event. Feeling it was only right he stood next to the person that holds the Dream Gate, but Kota Minoura was not impressed by any of this and interrupted him. They came to blows, before Minoura escaped. All four of these men have met in Dream Gate and GHC Heavyweight Championship matches this year. So the rivalry between both sides is still fresh.

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Kenoh The Mentor?

During the press conference for GLOBAL DREAM, Kenoh mentioned that Kota Minoura has a lot of potential and material to work with. While Minoura mentioned he’s eager to absorb all he can from teaming with Kenoh. Kenoh then went on to call Yuki Yoshioka a lame champion, before mentioning NOAH also has one in Kaito Kiyomiya. Before mentioning both men are only in those spots, because of their respective companies. Rambling on that he and Minoura will turn the tides by overcoming the chosen ones. You can see a lot of the Kenoh and Kaito rivalry in the Kota and Yuki rivalry.

The current company aces against the men who desire to be the anti-aces. With the ultimate goal of standing atop their respective companies.  It has potential to be one of the best tag matches of the calendar year, and the impact it could have on the future? Massive. The GLOBAL DREAM the companies share is one that can be accomplished together. Could it be the four men in the main event that help them do it?

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